Final Fantasy derailling

ewww cloud main, go back to Final Fantasy

Jokes on you I actually like FFVII

@NinjaBryden looks like someone else besides you doesn’t know about Charizard into Cloud…

Yeah because FFVII was an incredible game. I could go on about this, but Cloud as he thinks he is in FFXVII is more of a reflection of his “true self” than the character they redeveloped him as in the spin-offs that followed, as he pretty much has to now deal with the fact that his memories aren’t even his and he’s been living a lie, down to his half-assed pseudo romance with Aerith, so yeah I’d be a mopey SOB too.

I will not derail this thread, that is the last I will speak of this topic. :no_good_man: The last!

Edit: that last statement was false.

Off-topic stuff don’t wanna flood with a derail

Yeah, off-topic, but I kinda don’t like how the different iterations of Cloud are drastically different from the original one. He has the whole character development from going to arrogant to confused and everything to actually being somewhat “heroic” in the game, but he’s just a depressed edgelord in AC and Dissidia and such. Even if he has reasons to be like that, it’s still really weird that his whole character changed because of that

Without continuing the derail… but, if my entire life was a lie and I was still expected to be the hero I didn’t realize I was pretending to be I’d also be a quiet, reserved asshole. That being said he also had to deal with Geostigma. RIP FFXVII lore.

What are we to do?

Ps, reading this without clicking on the spoilers still makes sense and it’s funny as hell.

See someone gets it

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@idmonfish This is easily the funniest thing I’ve seen all week, thank you. I will cherish this thread forever. Also, thanks actually, it’s nice that you can literally sever that part of the thread entirely so even the few posts didn’t mitigate the content. My own OCD thanks you, too.

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I felt I needed to do something - I think I got all of it :wink:


yeah the movement tools here are actually amazing - I can pick out individual posts to shift - I’ve used it a couple of times now in the wikis when they hit the character limit - I move all the replies to a new thread then add a reply with the spill over content and then bring the other posts back so it seemlessly inserts the new post.


This sounds like a dream come true, to be honest. Being able to take digressing conversations and place them into their own new body of content I feel is beneficial both to the thread that was being derailed, and the new thread gets its own fresh air.

EDIT: Gotta stay on topic, oooo-weee I wish I could afford FFXII right now because it is my favorite.