Figured this site deserved some love

So was watching an excoundrel video the other night and he name dropped this site.

Now it’s actually bloody good, if you want to mess around with builds to see what works and what doesn’t. Has useful index etc…

I strongly recommend, it’s helped me to change my Adagio build adding 225 CP whilst dropping only 100 health from my late game heal.


Yeah, @Smash has done some awesome work with that! You can follow him on twitter, too, for update notices.


It deserves some love, it’s very useful, used to have to build stuff in practice mode to test things but this makes it easy. Plus you can compare with other builds to see what works better… even has ability DMG thrown in, amazing work.

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@Glowarm (& @HipsterSkaarf)

Wow thank you so much you two! It means a lot to me that it’s functionally helping players out and helping folks to enjoy the game!

Also, do note I still need to go through the game and update all of the recommended builds for carries and junglers. @Nivmett was kind enough to let me know recommended build changes weren’t limited to captains yesterday… so I’m planning on doing this over the next couple of days.

And lastly… there’s some (hopefully) cool stuff in the works!

Coming soon is a VainGlory icon library and web font. Which means @hazeleyes can have easy access to in-game vectors for our awesome community here if wanted! And @HipsterSkaarf can have easy to grab svg’s of stuff to use in his work, too!


Bravo, @Smash – the site is just brilliant! I hadn’t seen it before @Glowarm posted the link, but now it’s at the top of my VG bookmarks! :vgcheersx3:


Awww thank you dude! :pray: that’s really nice!

I hope it helps and I hope to make it better!

(Also as FYI, I made a flat file of all of the base stats which is on github so everyone can use it! BUT you maybe should wait a couple of days, cuz I gotta update those jungle and carry builds on my version and then push all the new recommended builds up to the github repo. They’re not in there right now. :frowning: But if you don’t need those then have at it!!)

lol, dammit. This site was my secret weapon since i discovered it from SEMF in discord~! oh well… it’s out there now…

Good Job @Smash I din’t know you made it. It has helped me out so, So many times.

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@hazeleyes can we integrate a link on the forums?
It is the best thing someone has made so far and the most useful resource available.

With due credits ofcourse.

You did amazing @Smash


Agree @smash had no idea you were part of the forum.

It’s a fantastic tool, being able to see DMG our out for abilities is a revelation. :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Ve3nNo0wM!!

Also, some more chars :slight_smile:

Thank you @Xaldarian!!

(Annnnnd some xtra chars)

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Lol yeah I lurk mostly with random spurts of walls of text! Smh