Feeling kinda bored, AMA

As the title says, I’m feeling a little bored at the moment and I want everyone to know a little more about me I guess because I’m planning to be more active on here and in-game, so feel free to ask me anything as much as you want. :ozo: :ozo: :ozo:

What games do you have on switch?

I’m legit not trying to flex I got most of em through really good sales or as gifts and I’ve had mine since close to launch

(Just going from the bottom of my game list and I’m excluding the free games like Warframe)
Aegis Defenders
Mighty Gunvolt Burst
Crash Bandicoot
Rayman Legends
Cave Story
Fast RMX
West of Loathing
Death Road to Canada
Blaster Master Zero
Hyper Light Drifter
Dead Cells
The End is Nigh
Bomberman R
Hollow Knight
Mario + Rabbids
Steamworld Dig 2
Megaman collections
Sonic Mania
Mario Odyssey
Mario Kart 8
Disgaea 5
Shovel Knight
Human Fall Flat
Fire Emblem Warriors
Xenoblade 2 (+ Torna)
Breath of the Wild
Rocket League
Binding of Isaac
Splatoon 2
The Messenger
Stardew Valley
DB Xenoverse 2
Blazblue Cross Tag Battle
DB FighterZ
Guacamelee 2
Kirby Star Allies
Let’s Go Pikachu
Katamari Damacy
Smash Ultimate

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That’s a lot, wasn’t expecting that many, lot of great games. I have found 1 new game on your list that I now will probably buy eventually.

Yeah, the switch has a great library and I’ve been spending most of my cash expanding mine, but I think I’ve only purchased 1 or 2 physical games full-price though. Which game did you find, btw?

Bloodstained, never heard of it before till now but it looks cool so I’ll look into it more and probably get it, there are others on your list that I know already that I intend to get one day.
I know, the switch just keeps getting so many great games added to its library, and even games to come in the next year already planned look like they’ll be great to play. Like Yoshis new game, its in the coming soon section and it just gets cuter.

When u gonna get a PC boi. I gotta beat u in FighterZ :rage:

Idk yet, eventually.