Fear the old man!

LMAO 14-0 with Reim. This was a ranked match too. I was chasing them down everywhere, easy 3v3. Just couldn’t break the old man.
Cheers to Adagio as well.
(I’m not saying they were bad, they are squishy heros and both went WP lol)

The problem here was that other than Ardan’s gauntlet, they had very little in the way of CC, so you had no real need to buy an Aegis. That’s always why I’ve accepted double WP but not double CP; with CP you buy Aegis and you’re set, whereas with WP you buy armour and you still have to deal with any CC.
(I know Kestrel has a stun but if executed well it’s virtually impossible to block so it’s not worth buying Aegis against)

That’s not to take anything away from you tho, Reim + Adagio into double range comp isn’t exactly the easiest thing.

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Enemy team to stupid to buy boots or reflex block is GG their captain doesn’t even have crucible but does have double damage…

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They had zero mobility skills lik dashes so it’s understandable why they got rekt

Nah boys they should’ve been able to kite the Reim they must’ve sucked a lot.

They didn’t really have any slows, and the Ringo on my team could slow them pretty good as well as my roots.

Lol, no mortal wounds against a reim and Adagio. Great to hear that you are having success with Reim.

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That too lol. Mortal Wounds only reduce it by one third so I think I still could have managed easily with a reflex block.

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