Favorite Hero

Hey guys just curious as to what’s everyone’s favorite hero and why?
Mines malene she has a beastly kit just how she looks and her voice are amazing can’t wait for a skin!

P.s I didn’t know exactly where to post this, if this is the wrong place sorry!

My favorite hero is idris, cause of his complex mechanics and combos and a really cool kit to support it.

I think it’s a little obvious which hero is my favorite.

It’s Ozo because he is a true legend


Krul. First hero I got in VG and still my main man. I love his design, mystery around him but mainly 2 things. His voice is badass and I love (loved, SEMC kinda ruiend it) his play style. I love heroes who can be 10% HP against full HP enemy and come out victorious. This is why Bf is my second most favorite hero but in Krul’s case you not only survive and win but you are healthier after the fight lol.

My favourite hero is Ardan, for his sheer reliability and usability throughout most if not all patches.

His skins are ok I suppose. I’m most fond of the Storm Vigil and Gladiator Ardan.

Hum… Samuel, his kit, lore and, most importantly, model and voicelines.
Pethro! Uruzz! Issa! Dagaz! Ehwas! Nahooty! Raydoo! Huissas!
Honourable mentions: Vox, Reza and Lance

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Her sassy personality relates to me irl <3

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Cath. I love her lore. Her voicelines(the new ones are meh) amd her skin…also her kit…very useful in any situation and she can fit into any comp…


I like Lance cause his weapon is a lance and I like to bully people with him.

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Grace; she’s the definition of ‘fill hero’. Solid all-around kit with easy damage, tank, and heal. The flex is nuts. She’s also super fun to play. Once I used my A on a low-health Idris retreating under his turret, and killed both him and the Koshka hiding behind him in the same ability. So good.

Reza and Koshka are honorable mentions for pure heart-pounding assassin joy. Either of them are my BR dream hero.

Celeste, Catherine, Koshka, Skye, Gwen in that order.

Not all are playable in any given patch, but I love playing all of them when possible.

I would say… Lance, I am one trick Lance so… I have been playing him since his release, even when he was potato… I love heroes that scale with the player skill, and Lance, as a roam is the best in that. Also love Idris (his combos are awesome) and Vox, both shows really good how skillful are you


have you been seeing the new “world of warcraft” advertising? it’s a close up of Samuel’s face and zooms out.

haha, I know it’s not really Samuel, but I play him so much that I’m even seeing him in other games. :laughing:

Rn it is a triangle of Fort, Grace, and Anka. Yeets is potentially gonna make it a square

Alpha, malene, petal, flicker, grumpjaw, lorelai

they all have really nice models and skins (except lapdog grumpjaw) and their personalities flow throughout their kits and characters. i also really like their styles and was good at playing them when i started (though malene and lorelai were op but i still like them because they are still good (but easy if they ever become hard i don’t know what i would do ;-; ))

Malene and Lyra

and lorelai too

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1/ Lorelai
2/ Lorelai
3/ Lorelai

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Solid three way tie - Catherine, Lyra, Vox. I must admit that I have played little Lyra since her Bulwark rework, however I’ve barely played at all so it’s neither here or there.

Nope, I haven’t seen it, but I will watch it :wink:

I think it’s safe to say VG has a lot of amazing heroes and hopefully more to come I can’t wait to see what they come up with in the future!!