Fast BP stacks

What’s build to stack fastest BP stacks…highest auto attack build?

Ringo does well with bp without any AS items

I too have a question: Does Dragons Eye have a internal cooldown in which u can gain a stack in a certain amount of time?

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Yes, Dragon’s Eye gains stacks per second you are dealing damage. That is to say: You are damaging someone over a duration of 5 seconds results in 5 stacks.

The stacks start decaying after 3 seconds or so, so you do not have to deal damage each consecutive second to keep building stacks. It’s just faster if you do.
'not sure whether Spellfire DoT counts. Someone asked elsewhere, but I’d tentatively say “no”.

Thank you for the answer, i bought DE on my CP Ringo and i used his b on the opponent and i got like one stack off every two attacks, maybe his Twirling Silver is an exception to what u just said

Spellfire doesn’t stack DE, it’s only direct damage I think.

hmm. that’s interesting.

reading the item descriptions, you would think that spellfire DOT would count as “damage to heroes” as described in the Dragon’s Eye.

I think we’re all forgetting about this guy’s question…

To answer it,breaking point gains stack for every certain amount of WP damage you do(I forgot the exact amount),so if you do a big burst of damage(baron ult),you get multiple stacks.So attacking a lot isn’t the only way to stack breaking point,and there isn’t really a “build” to help it stack faster.

As for heroes that stack breaking point very fast,SAW and Kinetic are pretty much the fastest,otherwise every other WP carry that have decent attack speed scaling and damage will do


unfortunately atlas exists , but breaking point as an item got abused a lot , one of the famous builds was breaking point double monocle vox , he was dealing a lot of damage even if you atlas him he already has some stacks and add to that crit , then tensionbow breaking point super annoying early damage it was about stacking .

breaking point used to be a good first item , now for your question i think the answer is for sure attack speed items , like the famous vox build Poison shiv , BreakingPoint and bonesaw , this build is all about getting stacks as soon as possible .

my favourite build is crit build so i would add Tornado trigger instead of the bonesaw .