Fantasy Series

So I don’t know if any of you like watching fantasy series like Amazon’s Wheel of Time or Netflix’s The Witcher, but I do. I haven’t read all The Witcher books, but I did read all Wheel of Time’s (although it was in spanish).

Did anyone read the WoT? Did you watch the amazon adaptation? I know there’s been some controversy around the topic so what’s your opinion on the show?

By the way, in case someone did read the books in english, how hard would be for still-learning readers? I hontesly really ñiked the books and I would love to read them again but in english, and I’m not sure if my level is good enought :sweat_smile:.

Edit: I made the post in my phone, so my spelling and grammar might not be awesome :frowning:


Both are on my list to watch, but I haven’t read the books, which I generally prefer to do first …

The Wheel of Time is definitely worth reading (I can’t say that about The Witcher since I haven’t finished yet), but is not until the second book when the author starts developing an original story. The first book has some similarities with The Lord of the Rings, which sometimes gives the wrong impression if you don’t read at least the second book.

Now I’m waiting to gather friends to watch The Witcher together, but with the amount of exams and projects I have to do (thanks university) it may take longer than what I’ve expected. :bacon_tears:

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Oh the Witcher is great, I do know it tho because of the games and not the books but the Netflix series is a great watch. I’m excited to watch the second season now that it’s out, I’ve rewatched the first season a few times cuz it’s just fantastic.

I’ve not heard of wheel of time, neither the books nor the Netflix series but now I’m interested in this Netflix series. Just a brief look into it and it seems exciting. I’m not much of a book person so I won’t really read this, I just can’t ever stay reading a book for long even if it’s a book I’m highly interested in. Since you’ve both read and watched the wheel of time, could you give a brief description of the Netflix series please?

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Wheel of Time is from Amazon, not Netflix. The story is how people from a village managed to get in power and lead armies towards the Final Battle. The great thing is the amount of “main characters” it has, all of them doing their own thing in different places, so the books describe how all stories impact each other.

I know it sounds quite vague, but I can’t think of a better way to describe it.

Now, taking about The Witcher, it seems this second season is not save from controversy, in fact some fans are getting mad. I haven’t watch it yet, so I can’t talk from experience though. That being said, my sister is watching it and she is loving it, so I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

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Oh I somehow missed that it was an Amazon adaption woops, still from what you said even if vague it’s rather interesting. From village life to in charge of large armies for a big final battle for/of something also in a world of magic, plus whole different bunch of characters they follow on their own journeys. Will definitely put this on my Watchlist.

As for the Witcher, I didn’t know there was controversy already around season 2, I know they don’t have as such a confusing story element the first season had anymore, or if they do it’s more clear than the first. Don’t really wanna say what the story element is since you’ve not watched it yet and it could technically be spoilerish. All I’ve heard so far aside that is that the second season is great and some saying it’s better than the first which if so is fantastic.

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