Fantastic draft

Team mate does not ban Grace, Kensei, OR Reza and WHAT does he pick first of all heroes??? FUCKING KESTREL!!! Enemy picks Reza and Kensei. Already screwed. My team does not even pick up Grace. Enemy gets Grace. We insta lose that game pretty much. Fml

MATCH UPDATE: Somehow we aced we should not be gaining any lead rn tf

UPDATE 2: We were never together in fights, so we lost anyways. I admit my team played well considering the shitty draft we had, but still that draft pisses me off


Idk bout ya but I BAN KESTREL EVERY GAME because I personally hate her so Kestrel first pick is actually normal (in high tiers)
But not banning Grace is dumb


Why not ban Grace…

Like Kestrel first pick makes sense but if you plan to first pick Kestrel at least ban her counters first(AHEM, GRACE, Reza, Kensei).

I would get more pissed if he first pick a Saw though XD.

On a side note who did he ban?

Kinetic and Lyra I believe I said to ban Lyra, but it just did not occur to me until I checked back at the draft that the enemy team took 3 of the most high priority heroes while all we had was a hero countered by all of them and a couple others that did not really counter them

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You over here leaving the match and updaten? Bruh.

Nah I had my laptop up kek

I almost always instaban Celeste but I guess that’s just me ?

Kensei doesn’t deserve a ban but I agree with the other two, considering his pick

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