[fanmade hero lore] Nakano Lore (part 1)

Finally, as promised, There’s some lore to go with one of my fan heroes. I have more to come.

This is the first part of Nakano’s lore. if you haven’t seen my fanmade hero Nakano, check her out here:

“Oi! Service!” The waitress spun round. “where’s our Sake?” A group of rather rounded men were sitting around a table, eyeing her as she passed out other customers’ orders. “On it’s way!” She called. In her time in Taizen Gate, she’d learned it was best too keep your head down. By day at least.

Not a day went by when she didn’t wish the war had never begun, or the rebellion withheld. She missed mother. She missed the garden at home. She missed the days when she could sit in her tree-chair with her mother, sipping tea and laughing together. But then the rebellion had come, and Father had rushed off to lead some army and serve the Emperor. The last she had seen of mother was when they had jumped off the cliff at the top of the garden together. She could still remember her screaming, the cheering of revolutionists from above, the lights of a million flames all across the town… If only the emperor had been kinder to his people, or his armies stronger…

Nakano blinked herself back to reality. Life was not a dream, after all. You had to take what you got and make the best of it. She sighed. Back to the job in hand. Men and patience rarely went together, especially when it came to alcohol. Having completed that task, she looked around the room. At a table in the corner, a lone man was sitting facing the room, positioned so he could see its entirety. With one hand he flipped a coin over his fingers, eying it as it went back and forth between them. The other was kept concealed under the table. Nakano smiled; she was in the mood for a little drama.

“What would you like, sir?” The girl moved to cover the lone man’s view as much as possible, just to see how he’d react, but he gave nothing away. Then he smiled. In a low tone, he replied: “you.” Nakano slipped her arm a little further into her sleeve, but remained calm. “Sorry”, she said, her voice ever so slightly firmer than before; “I’m afraid I’m not for sale.” Escalate slowly. It always resulted in the most fun. Suddenly though, the man’s voice changed. “oh, no.” he almost laughed, but not with malice, more as if something genuinely amused him. “I meant your skills.” Nakano knew what was meant, but she played at it a little. “What… skills?” she asked innocently. For a moment, the man didn’t speak. Suddenly, he lashed out with his hidden hand, revealing a shiv, slashing towards Nakano. A second later the shiv lay on the floor, and a set of Tessen at the man’s neck. “those skills.” He hadn’t even flinched.

The mission was simple. Find this troublemaking gambler, eliminate him. And there was a large sum of cash on the table. Nakano didn’t need asking twice. She picked up the cash, pocketed it, and left.

That’s it! Part 2 coming soon(ish)!


owo i like maybe i should do this sometime. i was sure the man was going to be ringo though. it wwas a good suprise when he had 2 arms. :eyes: :eye: :heart_eyes_cat: