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Exolution Skye and Joule - 🤖


The Churnstorms have proven to be too strong to venture through with just a suit. But who said mech can’t traverse the storms.

Two of the best pilots, Skye and Joule, from all of the land decided to partner up with Churnguard Industries to wear the latest and high-tech Mechas obtainable.

These suits aren’t a evolution from their previous suits but with their new Exo-Mechs, its a Exolution.

Exolution Skye and Joule are ready to face the storms!

Flash Summon: Being able to quickly summon parts of the mech in a short time.

Exolution Skye

New Features and Effects:
Having a bulky suit was a drag when reaching higher than Mach 2 so now her Exo Suit design is more sleeker than her other skins.
• Abilities flash summon parts of her mech on command but she stays in her body suit when running, walking, or basic attacking.
• Her missiles and barrage now have a neon red color to them.

Body Suit: Has a similar appearance to the design of Zero Suit Samus’ body suit but with a little more originality. Suit has energy channels that allow Halcyon energy to flow through the body suit. Therefore in-game there is a pulsating glow flowing from the top of her suit to the bottom.

Fully suited Skye: A similar appearance to said photo. Really want to emphasize on badass looking wings since… Skye likes to fly at high speeds. Her gun that she uses to AA increases in length and splits into a dual rifle.

Flash summoning specifically for Skye; When she uses an ability, said part will materialize (white glow) QUICKLY onto her body. This wont Impare how quick you can use an ability.

(Perk) Target lock: When Skye has locked onto a foe, the movement speed buff that you gain is applied to her boots which she uses to launch herself in short blasts (from her feet) towards the foe.
Skyes appearance changes though when she is Forward Barrage-ing onto a target locked enemy. She uses her wings that give off a blast of air (you can see air being pushed out of wings similar to Ride or Die.) when A-ing a target.

(A) Forward Barrage: Skye flash summons her FULL suit plus dual weapons and shoots a fiery red barrage of energy at her foes. And when her channel is complete, she goes back into her body suit form.

(B) Suri Strike: Skye flash summons her wings and jets across to the targeted location while releasing energy grenades in the traveled area. Skye loses her wings after the dash.

(C ) Death from Above: Skye flash summons her whole suit with wings and except her dual guns. When shes done flash summoning her wings, she fires energy grenades into the air which drops onto the targeted area. (New effect: Leaves craters at impact site for a few seconds)

Recall: Joule plays around with a projected spirit of Mechys AI in the form of a little ball with a adorable face.

Taunt: Waves her finger in a nuh-uh way at the foe.

Exolution Joule

New Features and Effects
• Over the years, Joule has aged into a fine woman. Shes now happy that shes taken seriously and no longer is taken for granted from her child like appearance. (Adult model)
• Mechy used to be the best thing that happened to Joule but Mechy left Joule defenseless on his back, so Mechys new look full covers Joule in heavy armor. (A more ExoSuit appearance)
• Mechy is now a AI that is in her suit. (New AI voicelines)

Appearance: Has a similar body suit to Skyes.
She flash summons her mech every time she leaves the sanctuary at base and KEEPS IT ON until she teleports back home. She needs to be fully tanked up and armored up since her perk needs to be available all the time.

Mechys new high tech sword
(Perk) Heavy Plating: No change.

(A) Rocket Leap: Her mechs’ feet fires off a explosive blast launching Joule and Mechy into or onto the target location. (Smol explosion shown under her Mechs feet)
The warning circle at the targeted location is colored purple.

(B) Thunder Strike: Mechy opens up his sword which releases a hidden energy blade (purple) inside. He slashes in targeted direction.

(C ) Big Red Button: Joule flash summons a energy cannon that rests in her shoulderz. The energy beam is once again colored purple. Cannon disappears after channel.

Recall: Joule jumps out of her mechs and poses in kawaii pose.

Taunt: Joule inside her mech, jumps in place and laughs.

Small Creator Notes

Recently I watched an mecha anime which had the same idea of flash summoning mechs or parts of their mechs and I thought it would be interesting for VGs two best pilots to have the same type of design.

I know that this skin is probably impossible for SEMC to pull off but its just a made for fun concept.:ozo:

Last thing is that I wanted to split or separate Exolution Skye and Joule from the Evolution theme since… I just wanted too.