Excuse me, WHAAAAT?

SEMC, a word synonymous with filthy asshole.

This is what SEMC is doing:


I want this meme except instead of having Echo there you have PoB’s face and where the rest of the items are you have other people who left/got fired there. Its gonna be really vain.

To be honest though I can’t see how it can go wrong as casual queue has no one in it.


Oh wow, how bad is my memory that I already forgot Ironguard Contract and the ? ping…
May they rest in peace.

this Game’s name is becoming ever more accurate, in a way.


Seems legit. :ringo:


The name of the game?
How about the name of the company behind the game…

Super Evil Mega Corp…

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Wait when did Ironguard Contract go

Nah, more like Super Broke Mega Corp.

The old one was making the gold share , so as a roam you can’t get any gold from minions unless you buy it and let your team kill the minions , if you kill the minions you get the gold and your team get nothing .

Semc removed it because it caused a lot of drama , like your team could starve you by not going contract , the gold after removing the item is shared based on the less gold teammate or the nearest , but people get salty about someone taking their farm even if it’s not harmful like before !

They removed it and replaced with the green contract which only gives heal. I think it was Long time ago before vainglory2 we are in 3 now .


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