Excoundrel's video about 4.3


No, since they remove it and reintroduced it you can’t party in the mode.


Basically, each time casual 3v3 is live, parties are not allowed there


Ugh. I thought it was a bug when I saw that the very first time 3v3 casual came back, and tbh, I’ve never checked again.

Leave it to SEMC to find a way to ruin what’s left of 3v3 too.


That’s why weeks ago I start complaining about it. Not being able to party with friends in a casual mode is just… you know what I mean.


I completely missed it. :man_facepalming: Consider this to be me liking all your previous posts on the subject, wherever they were:



They’ve already killed the mode, even in EU where a lot of people still reach VG gold and silver. And seeing the current state of the game it doesn’t seem that it was a good idea…