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Excoundrel's 4.1 skin spotlight plus balance changes 🌌


Capacitor Plate because I haven’t been playing captain Grace much lately :wink: It scales with Fountain, Rook’s Decree, and Crucible, (as well as providing armor, shield, and cooldown) making it a good generic captain item. On most captains it’s a low priority, but on other heroes who have either a barrier or heal, it is usually a lot more important. I’ve always kind of assumed it would be a must for Grace because of her Ult, but her Ult isn’t actually that useful and she needs to devote slots to CP.

Basically I made an assumption, but haven’t had enough success with her as a captain to work out what build is best.

I might play her as a jungler, but I generally don’t play tanky junglers. Inara is my main (either WP or CP), but if not her then I usually go for another hero with high mobility.

I used to play Grace as a captain a lot, but her scaling is rough due to the need to build CP (with other captains you can typically just build utility items, so your build comes together more quickly), and she doesn’t really offer any advantages. Played as a jungler she’s better, and she’s fine in brawl modes since it’s easier to get full builds there, but as a captain there is a long part of the game where either your holy shields and Ult suffer from not building CC, or your utility and durability suffer from not building utility. As a captain, it’s just too hard to afford the amount of items she needs.


The idea behind her was to be aggressive support frontliner with respectiable dmg and durability. I have 61% win rate with her this season in t10 b/s, played only as a captain. Tho I main her from the release date and am kinda efficient with her.

She is not a trash when played good.

Edit and P. S. :vgitem_capacitorplate: is almost always less beneficial to :vgitem_shatterglass: and :vgitem_rooksdecree: while great to activate is not good either as Grace have a strong dmg reduction barrier for allies that with CP last as long as that item one… while it’s strong dmg reduction no matter the dmg amount, i.e. it’s better. Too much barrier with both that will be short lived and not used effectively.

Read Grace discription and you will see how there are better items for her than those two. Heal with big CP ratio, longer slow on second AA, longer barrier for her and allies with A, stronger dmg with big ratios and she have scaling with CP dmg reduction from ALL sources. CP on her makes her a good support with impact and protection to the allies, not a wasted items. If the team won’t dive with her to use the A barrier (for example), it’s not Grace problem or design, it’s bad players or Grace player diving insanely bad.

One more thing, her B overdriven is making her imune to CC, so she can’t be stunned and stun with B. With the amount of CC in the game currently, this is winning fights on it’s own.


Her A also slows the enemys hit in which the slow has a CP ratio to it as well. Making it easier to land your A which I must say also has a high CP ratio to it as well.


Her A also slows the enemys hit in which the slow has a CP ratio to it as well. Making it easier to land your A which I must say also has a high CP ratio to it as well.

The slow is part of her Heroic Perk related to her secondary attack (AoE cone slam).
The A applies the slow because it is a buffed up and dashed up version of her secondary attack.

Her crystal power scaling for the ‘slow’ aspect applies to the ‘duration of the slow’ and not the ‘strength of the slow’ (which is pretty high at 75% base).

Her A has always been easy to land, so assume you meant her B?

Anyway, I think there are to key components to enable Grace to keep consistent application of her slow and her B:

  • attack speed
  • crystal power

If she has high amounts of either, she doesn’t necessarily need the other.

Sadly, there are currently no suitable ‘one item’ that have good amounts of both components.

You either pick one or the other, and as of now, picking crystal power is more suitable than attack speed as it feeds into other parts of her kit.


Yep I meant her B not A

CP Grace isn’t really made to deal consistent damage, she pretty much a “Land you A and B then run” type of hero. Her WP is the constant damage path.

Attack speed isnt really a core part of her CP.


Disagree, she is not hit a/b and then run. She is to initiate the fight and be in the frontline landing her skills, tanking dmg and AA will bring her skills cooldown with 1.5s with every hit = soon she can use again her skills. Don’t forget that especially mid/late game when she got few defence/HP items and :vgitem_shatterglass: - she is super hard to put down even from 3-4 from the enemy team. Seriously, in late game and full build I am almost unkillable.


Well yes.

I understand she can be a frontliner but in most of my matches with her, you really cant do that until you reach a point where your tanky enough. Until then, you really have to use her a A + B and run in teamfights

Early to mid, if you build CP first then you reach the problem where the moment your Holy Shield drops, you’re vulnerable.
Yes she has the incoming damage reduction but that doesnt do much until you reach the cap.


Rushing SG (as DE is for late game predicting long team fights) is good only for snowballing mid, otherwise would not recommend it. As the passive dmg reduction, it’s 8% base + 5% CP, so it will be 14.5% for all sources with SG only. Not bad, but you will need some defense too. Early there are no team fights most of the time and grace have a good AA dmg, so she can stay front even if she builds only CP. As I said tho, only for heavy mid snowballing as you will face the first few teamfights without core supp items otherwise.