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Excoundrel's 4.1 skin spotlight plus balance changes 🌌


Have you tried CP Jungle Grace? The best support jungler out of the whole game too :money_mouth_face:

While what you said is true to a Captain Grace, it doesnt apply to her out of the whole roamer role. The CP scaling on her kit really is impactful once she hits the 200 CP limit.

Shes a sleeper but I wouldn’t be surprised to see her in top tiers for her cp path once theirs a meta to suit her.


I don’t know but VGpro is kinda dead for me. I can’t see any matches for the past few hours.


Match data in the API are delayed over 5 hours now. No idea why, nothing on SEMC’s Slack about it. They don’t give the API much attention, so I doubt anyone there has noticed anything wrong yet.


Why :vgitem_capacitorplate: ? It does not scale her barrier, just her ult and CP instead of it will give you a lot more:
Passive dmg reduction from all sources
Longer barrier for allies from A
Stronger slow on second AA
More dmg
More heal

Why you will build :vgitem_capacitorplate: instead of :vgitem_shatterglass: or even :vgitem_rooksdecree: (tho imho not optimal in most situations because of her A)

One thing is right, she is build depending on the enemy/your team composition. This goes for every supp tho.

Standart build would be (for starters with her, i.e. noob friendly):
Core: :vgitem_crucible: :vgitem_fountainofrenewal: :vgitem_wartreads:
Defence: :vgitem_atlaspauldron: :vgitem_slumberinghusk: :vgitem_celestialshroud: :vgitem_metaljacket: - 1 or 2, depends
Last items: :vgitem_shatterglass: :vgitem_pulseweave: :vgitem_clockwork:

This is basic stuff tho, but there is almost always a room for :vgitem_shatterglass: and beneficial greatly, it gives you a lot more you realize. Grace supp can start with :vgitem_shatterglass: rush into some enemy teams/your team heroes.


Ik vyz likes fan girling over CP Grace hahaha


Sounds like him and I would be great buddies over Grace then :laughing:


I watched him fan girl over it in the analyst discord server lel

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If there is no hero for the next patch, which is becoming more and more likely as we get closer to the due date; I think we’ll get the patch notes soon or whatever they have planned to replace the Battle Pass.

There’s a small hope that some people have that they’ll announce something during the WESG games sometime tomorrow.

The time table for the matches currently are:

March 9 - Group Stage

March 10 - Semifinals and 3rd place decider

March 16 - Grand Final


Most likely there will be no new hero… sadly as the rooster is still kinda on the small end…

…wait for it…

… for a PC MOBA. :sweat_smile:


I think you meant roster.

Unless… you’re hungry and longing for KFC? :^)


Gonna eat now, brb. :smiley: /offtopic


I mean if they are creating a complex or unique VG hero (Ex.Ozo, Skye), they should have more time to refine and release them.

But they dont need alot of time for a hero like Kinetic that has a simple and easy.

Also it should be to note that they might’ve halted the process of creating a hero since they’ve said they plan on reworking Petal with a new kit.


It’s not that hard to create a new hero /or a new skin while I am on it/. I am sure this is something that is well known to some of the fellow members in this forum that works in the IT/gaming industry.

Balancing the said hero will be harder, but with the SEMC balancing and especially of the new heroes (90% of them are not just OP, but brokenly strong) - it’s not a rocket science to “balance” it for release, pumping the stats to be brokenly strong. Only to /try to/ balance it in the following patches.

Edit: but when I can speculate how SEMC code looks and how their workflow goes… maybe for them this all is not valid and they totally face a lot of issues when they try to code it. :smiley:


Idk if that’s supposed to be a /s but idk if is ok to make a profession seem easier when you arent working in that same profession. And as I said it before, some easy kits are easy to make and balance. The same applys to complex kits with how complex they are…

Ooh that’s interesting, may I ask who? Just wanna know out of curiosity cuz I personally think its a cool profession


That really isn’t true. The process includes:

  • developing an idea into an initial concept/design
  • having an artist create concept art – this may involve multiple iterations
  • having 3D artists build a model based on the concept art
  • rigging the 3D model
  • developing the animations for the model
  • creating the skin for the model
  • (certain skins may require changes to the model and animation – e.g., legendary skins)
  • testing of the new character under game conditions (i.e., PBE)
  • addressing any issues turned up in testing
  • final optimization of the model and skin for performance (reducing poly count, reducing color depth and UV resolution, etc.)

That is NOT a simple or easy process by any stretch of the imagination. Look how long it takes Blizzard to bring out a new hero for Overwatch – and they have a MASSIVE team compared to SEMC’s.


Look at this!

Lorelai has a badass recall!


That happened because of the palette swap with the ocean blue. Just a recolor.


Edited: I see what you mean now. Atleast it still looks cooler than her default


True, Someone who works in this field too! I can agree to what she/he said… All this have to account for before releasing a hero or a skin!