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Excoundrel's 4.1 skin spotlight plus balance changes 🌌


I would not consider it dead. Not amazing at all, but not dead. It can work in fringe cases.


No one ever picks him in high elo, with a 44% win rate and never seen in high elo I wouldn’t say it’s balanced.


He has lower rates than Kensei pre-rework so… I wouldn’t say that’s balanced


Can work is valid for every single hero, when it’s played from a top 50 player it will look like OP even. The real truth is that CP vox is weak and WP so much that even dnzio couldn’t make it work recently vs players not on his level and straight up said (the same that all the other top players will) that WP vox is not viable.


I nearly choked when I saw what they did with his Ult.
Hes a dps carry not a burst lull


Excoundrel just said they don’t get the changes anymore, just knowing who’s buffed and nerfed. How the hell are they supposed to test that way? Anyway remember Xeno was complaining how San Feng is way too broken, Excoundrel said they needed to change his numbers and yet SEMC released it the same way anyway. I don’t think it’s only the testers that’s the problem. Why is there even testers if they don’t affect anything?


I should have explained better. By test team, I mean the devs are pretty much the testers with a few outliers.

Excoundrel imo isnt really a tester since he is pretty much a part of the creators program and questions (like the lyra change)the changes on the patch notes themselves. He talks as if he has no say to the changes.


I am glad they left malene untouched. Hehe. Been abusing her this patch. :heart:


That’s not correct. The primary test group is made up of players >T6 from outside SEMC who apply to and are accepted into the PBE program.

Excoundrel is an … interesting … fellow. I don’t know whether he’s in the PBE or not, but he’s been in the creators program for a long time. He has also been paid by SEMC in the past – I don’t know whether he’s still receiving money from them or not, though – so I’ve always taken his opinions with a very large grain of salt.


Good to know.

I remember the whole android pbe program from way back, just forgot about it :sleepy:


Samuel nerf is entirely justified. With the removal of IGC his lane sustain became a huge asset. Sen Fang is quite balanced as a mid tier tank which is easily countered by a good captain. Sen Fang feels pretty lackluster late game when I block every ult.

Hopefully the Varya nerfs are just minor tuning. kinetic buff really makes no sense, unless it’s to her CP path.

edit: Sen Feng still deserved a nerf, but he is not insanely dominant is all I’m saying.


I hope the Samuel nerf isn’t too much. The Varya nerf makes no sense either.


This here is the biggest problem. No one under T10 silver should even be allowed to discuss balance. Let alone be responsible for testing the changes!

(T6 Gold, highest I’ve been since season zero :grinning: )


If they want to nerf Varya, the only logical thing I can think of that wouldn’t hurt her overall performance is nefing aspects that don’t play into her basic attack reliant strategy.

Like nerfs to her A and maybe a bit of an attacke speed nerf given by her ult.

I just hope ther hero I so adore after Vox got kicked to the curb isn’t going to get kicked to the curb.

If so, at least I still have Lyra and her new skin is enough to cheer me up.


Well, the main thing that surprises me is that Celeste and Skaarf are not being touched. In my opinion mages are just too strong overall, so I don’t feel like toning them all down a little would hurt at all. Nerfing Varya when Celeste/Skaarf exist is strange. Guess we will have to wait and see what the changes are.

To me the worst change here is the lack of buff for more warriors. Yes Rona and Kensei are buffed, but what about BF, Alpha, Krul.


Oh god no. I remember when her A was a main part of her kit with the high damage it provided.

I used to snipe people like a god with it.

Until 5v5, she became more of a AA hero :pensive: and then came her A nerf that wasn’t even relevant in 3.8 or so :sob:


The buffs to basically all bot laners make me think that they felt they had to nerf both Baron and Gwen, which are the strongest bot laners by a big margin, but though the rest of the bot laners were very weak. As you can’t have a role without heroes (or all it’s heroes being UP) they decided to buff them as a priority, while warriors are “just” part of a role. Idk if you understand what I’m saying, it’s a little bit strange.
Personally I won’t complain, buffs to kensei, idris, Silvernail, ringo and Vox, perfect for me.
I do miss nerfs to certain captains (lorelai, Yates, CW), mainly Yates.


Excited for the new skins. Overall I am mostly pleased with the hero balance changes, even to my beloved Joule. At least she’s still getting attention!

My disappointment with the changes or lack thereof to Yates and Kinetic, however, is so great that it can at times cloud my joy with other changes mentioned in Excoundrel’s video. They’ll be my two bans if I’m first pick until they’re touched.


I don’t know what to discuss without numbers , I’ve seen a lot of buffs and nerfs last updates were useless , so I don’t know what to say without the numbers , we could discuss the untouched heroes hehehe , but there is nothing tell if San feng op or not I need pick rates win rates and tiers to judge .


Yates actually has an unimpressive win rate. Idk why people assume he’s over powered at all. Adagio is actually a much stronger captain and probably the best in the game right now, and will continue to be so.

As an off topic comment: crowd control captains are slowly moving away from the role since the current itemization does not support them at all. SEMC needs to give HP scaling to heroes like Yates, Catherine, and Lance, and add item that increase the effect of, or apply effects on cc. For example an item that weakens an enemy whenever you apply a slow, snare, stun, root, or silence, or an item with a projectile snare. It actually annoys me how much more interesting the captain role could be if items also catered toward invitation and disruption in stead of just protection.