EVO 2018 live on twitch

Yo all you Street Fighter Fans. You better be watching the live stream on twitch. It’s off the hook yo~!!!

Watching Smash 5 and Injustice 2 clips tomorrow. Street fighter has always been kinda boring to me.

i love all kinds of Fighting games. It’s such a battle of skill. more than any other genre of gaming, fighting games REALLY showcase just how skilled you are mechanically.

it’s really a wonderful spectacle to watch.

Man I just spend 3 days watching EVO.
4 EVO stream channels and 2 IRL streams (Daigo’s and Choco’s).
Was fun as hell

so Leffen won melee evo ooooaaaa

So I just watched Evo sm4sh finals and laughing my ass off. It was so funny, everyone is salty, the players took the match as a joke, the crowd was leaving and booing, the commenter and host had to act like everything was cool it was just funny as hell. Probably one of the most entertaining matches I’ve seen, Smash Ultimate coming out soon so sm4sh can die soon so we can stop hearing the community bitch about Bayonetta. But the finals just really showed all of the community’s colors and it was fun.(at least to me I know many disagree)

you mean super smash brothers? yeah, i’ve seen that, played that. i once knew a player with so many tricks to never die.

To be fair, it is a game designed for crazy fun. the game characters are imbalanced as hell.

Not to be rude but you sound like you don’t know how to play smash. The game characters aren’t as inbalanced as the community likes to make it, you see characters like Pacman who is low tier get played at high level and can win. But you’re right in saying the game is more of a party game, the devs keep pushing for smash to be more casual by promoting items and timed matches at events, but they also recently have done a lot changes that are gonna make the game more competitive. I’m really hoping that the new smash meter is considered competitively, I feel like final smashes are part of character balance which is why Nintendo changes them so much from the last three games because they want them to be more considered and balamced. I think it can spice up the game.

You’re right. I don’t. I only played it that one time. From your description of Pro’s “throwing” and being “salty”, they seem like they’re having a fun time treating it very casually.

Nintendo never made any game to be competitive. it’s the players who make it so. I still maintain that it’s meant to be for crazy fun, like most nintendo games are. Entertainment at it’s best.

Definitely like I said at Nintendo events they always want items on which makes the game more crazy but contributes to the rng unbalanced factor of the game for tournaments. Melee is only competitive because of bugs, they even tried to tune it with brawl to make it more casual and it worked but it wasn’t very popular, then with the Wii U/ 3ds version they tried to make it more casual and competitive at the same time, but with the new smash ultimate I think they are focusing a lot more for it to be more competitive but still able to played casually. I think Smash Ultimate is gonna be the best one.