Everything wrong in one match

Top lane vox instalock.
Jungler farmsteals bot lane so much that I am starved.
Cp Baron mid… Its a bad joke

I feed like crazy because everyone refuses to fight together, did I mention I was starved by my loser fortress. He was at 20 cs me at 4cs as bot laner…

I lose 8 points with an entire team that I had to mute. I am rapidly losing interest in the game when all I get are mismatches and trolls…

Next on veegeeforums.net news, ‘“Salt Mine” Renamed to “Xaldarian Has MMR Problems”’.

In all seriousness have you considered casual or bigger parties?

Yeah I partied and then my ally in my team afked and lost -14 due to no forgiveness…

Partying doesn’t work for me.

Casual is even worse than ranked for me…

The game has many many issues and they need fixing badly.


The best thing I can say is to 4 man q.

Learn to play with a group of individuals and learn to synergize with eachother. I duo qued to t10 but i had a dude who would roam for me and put me as #1 priority over my teammates. We managed to duo q all the way up as me using carry heros and him using grace/phinn

4 man que is not allowed lmao…

I never see enough players for that. Duo to trio is best I can do and that is maybe 20% of my games.

I went from 2369 to just below 2300 mostly on bad matches some of which in where I made mistakes but mostly just idiots who don’t have a clue on my side…

Really? i thought it was allowed again. Well anyways you can 3 or 5 man q

Quit the game and play something that’s actually fun.


Someone please try AoV with me. I am so bad but the matchmaker and user experience is keeping me happy until VG figures out whatever they’re doing. :joy:

If you have AoV can you tell me what’s the ranked reward? So I can know if I should reinstall.

I tried it but got boring fast cus the game snowballs too hard and Adcs are broken also cc is unblockable. The joystick doesnt feel fluid and its just a medicore game at best.

Completely disagree – I find AoV much more fun than VG, but that’s perhaps because what I’m looking for in such a game is different: it’s a much more “casual” experience than VG attempts to be. The variety of game modes is a huge plus, queues are generally extremely short, and the rewards and such are better than in VG.

Just my own opinion – YMMV. :vgcheersx3:

(FWIW, I don’t have any issues with the joysticks at all – not sure why you say they don’t feel fluid to you.)

In the asia server for ranked i had longer ques than VG just to find an unbalanced one sided game. Ik its casual but it just doesnt feel fluid for me.

For some reason I really enjoy mages in AoV. I find them really fun and that’s coming from a warrior main. I always play tanky melee duelists in any game and hate mages usually. I mean I still main Lu Bu but wanted to point out I love the mages in that game. I don’t know what others think of them.

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Diao Chan is awesome I agree …


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