Everyone put in your bets for the nerfs next patch

My bets are on Reza, Baron, Kinetic, 100% Kensei, probably Silvernail, maybe Ardan, and Anka


Literally just SM and a crazy buff to someone that will change the meta completely


Kinetic, reza, maybe Silvernail, Anka… Kensei?
Buffs: Lance, rona, reim?
Why Ardan?
Honestly, just a change in the meta is enough, its been 3 updates already with the same meta, im tired of It.

Yeah I agree with the list, people complain about Kensei and Kintetic but they’re not OP to me but too many people complain for SEMC to not nerf them.

Kinetic is op, Kensei… Not that much.

Nah Kensei’s late game is just waaaay too strong. Just nerf his late game and buff his early game and he should be fine. Too tanky

Indirect Vox buff
“Lyra was feeling a bit too present on the Rise”


Just look at my ranked 5v5 matches. I’m not that good :bacon_tears:

Someone suggested that since Nivmett left SEMC are buffing on win rate alone. It was a detailed post which backed his point nicely.

Be very ineteresting to see if that holds for the coming patch.

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No Nivmett confirmed that Zekent is just doing the balancing by himself.

I bet Sam might get another nerf next update mainly because of he is probably the best mage in the game right now especially in pro play in where he actually wins games. I have not seen one game in where Celeste and Malene are picked and that team wins the game, while Varya won once and lost once. Skaarf is good.

Sam on the other hand wins most of the time when he is picked due to the nature of his damage, High Burst and SUSTAINED Damage. His damage really needs to be toned down.

Though Varya has very sustained damage when basic attacking+ultimate, she needs to get close up and vulnerable to the enemy team to deal damage unless she is going her burst build relying on her A.

Celeste’s Base Damage has seriously taken a hit and made much less viable compared to Samuel most particularly. Her AOE burst damage though quite substantial in the late game does not fare well in this snowball heavy meta at the moment, and Samuel’s damage is pretty insane in any stage of the game making him superior over Celeste in the Current meta. Celeste also does not fare well against Kensei and reza and Anka, making her very useless if she gets shut down hard in the early game.

Malene’s Damage is simply inferior against the other 3 dominant mid lane picks, and her Severe lack of AOE especially is punishing. Because of her nerfs in the last couple of updates, even her single target damage feels lacking and there are much less heroes who she can take on a one v one and win. Her title as a lane bully also seems to not fit anymore considering Sam, Celeste and Skaarf all bully her out of the lane right now after her damage nerfs.

Samuel and Skaarf are definitely the contenders in the mid lane for being nerfed next update. Malene may need a buff.


Kinetic for like 200% sure. This madness needs to stop

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Kinethicc Baron Fort Silvernail Anka nerfs for sure.
No more teleport boots Grumpjaw? Maybe like a 0.5% nerf to his perk.
Toe knee nerf maybe.
Eve buff probably.


That doesn’t mean Zekent isn’t blindly following winrates.

It was my post that they’re referring to (I think). I put every winrate (VGPRro) and buff/nerf/change side by side to try and point out that the buffs and nerfs correlated almost exactly with eachother. The only debatable one was Vox, really.

They buffed Adagio and didn’t nerf Kinetic, which are the biggest ???s since release Lyra.

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Kinetic nerfs x 10
Silvernail removal from the game please <3
Small Reza nerf probably
SM nerf or BP nerf. Or both. If BP isn’t getting nerfed something is wrong. It’s been a must buy on every WP character for too long.

  • 100 Health to Flicker at level 12 :slight_smile:

Kensei IMHO doesn’t need a nerf, people simply still don’t know how to play against him.
Many also don’t know how to play him either. The amount of times I’ve seen a Kensei feed 2 kills within the first 5 minutes is more than enough to hurt my soul.

Never played against kinetic ever since her release,mind telling me why everyone here thinks she’s OP?

The times when someone even insist for kensei to be picked up for him and then I end up with twice the dmg as a support without a single attacking item, hurts my soul. :slight_smile:

Sustain, fast BP stacking, moderate mobility while she is played bot lane = fed

Her movement speed is also relatively high considering she is a ranged carry. People also forget that her range is nearly as much as Adagio and Lyra when she was first released.

Also many hyper-carries don’t have a dash in their kit(besides Vox and Varya if you consider him a hyper carry but Kinetic is most definitely a hyper carry) when you look at other hyper carries(Samuel, Celeste, Skaarf, Ringo, Kestrel) and that suddenly cuts a whole lot of heroes who are able to counter her.

When someone wants to shut her down early game, Koshka /early game hero won’t really be enough because her dash + her A combo will slow down the enemy and enable her to get away.

Basically kinetic is a very safe hyper carry compared to other heroes. For example, Celeste is quite vulnerable until she reaches level 8 and she can be shut down with the proper heroes+skill. Another example is Varya, in where her low movement speed makes her easy prey to being shut down by the likes of Tony, Koshka, etc. Though you can argue Varya has a double dash, she still needs to charge up and she can be stunned before she manages to dash. Kinetic’s dash has little to no delay at all.


His late game just needs to be toned down. He is way too difficult to kill in the late game due to being ridiculously tanky and his damage to tanks is just ridiculous. He is a late game team fighting menace. I would buff his early game and nerfing his late game