Everyone how think about model 3d?

if you insert 3D model for show movement heroes

in shop and show skin and before play choose your heroes

for Decide buy heroes and skin

i think newbie want view in game
not view on youtube

If future you do 3d model
You can disable it if you do not want to see it.




I like this idea, also a rotating feature to see all sides/angles.


yep i think so Most people need view heroes and skin decide for purchase

default 3D Model
if you don’t like you can disable this option 3D to Pic Wallpaper : )

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I fully agree, this would not even hurt anything. :slight_smile:

I don’t think so. If you really want to see something before you buy it you can go into practice mode. I prefer the nice clean splash arts to the cluttered laggy hero models that they show in other mobile moba’s


i think so maybe this game not smooth if have 3d model

have a pros and cons :joy:

They removed unlocked skins from practice


Mhmm… I can see the… potential.

We can have both. Also we can’t see new skins in practice anymore.

Yes, can actually see if a skin looks good in game or not, T3 rona has made me skeptical of skins now

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But now can’t unlock
Some skin Steam knight Tony and
Carnivore Grumpjaw in practice mode

All you guys saying you can’t test unowned skins in opractice mode: you can test any skin except for the ones not available because they are new. If it says coming soon it won’t be available.

Actually I’d like they make mini models like these in real life.
I’d buy all of them.
Btw, I agree with you, this should be added but just optional for people.

Btw Does anyone know how can I get 3d model files out of game? I know how to do it with sounds (I changed main theme to piano version lol), but I have no idea how to do it with models…