Every Vainglory Hero Described in One Sentence

I’m getting a bit bored with the lack of any news or teaser from SEMC, so I decided might as well do this before they tease anything about the next hero.

Feel free to add your own descriptions!

  • Adagio: The angel that will heal either the right person or a minion.

  • Alpha: Low tiers hate her, high tiers dismiss her, smurfs love her, and no one gets the easter eggs in her.

  • Anka: The best assassin designed that isn’t a bruiser and doesn’t give a ■■■■ that you’re under your turret.

  • Ardan: The forever meta Captain that lives on through his One Punch persona.

  • Baptiste: Either a flex monster or a noob that dies constantly.

  • Baron: He oppresses others with spam or SEMC oppresses him with nerfs.

  • Blackfeather: Legend says he’s still spinning from the gutting of his kit.

  • Catherine: Is tanky as ■■■■ or dying 99% of the time.

  • Celeste: My B is never getting overdriven.

  • Churnwalker: The only guy who needs to land a skillshot and walk towards you to murder you.

  • Flicker: “We need vision” pings intensifies.

  • Fortress: Talk about kicking a puppy down even more.

  • Glaive: Cool cat who knows how to style his hair.

  • Grace: My B is never getting overdriven too.

  • Grumpjaw: I always eat someone at the wrong time.

  • Gwen: My buns either smack enemies to respawn land or I get smacked in the buns to respawn land.

  • Idris: The hybrid success story that’s is so getting smacked.

  • Inara: The only jungle that can has free vision and wall jumps but still isn’t viable.

  • Joule: I miss or I hit something 95% of the time.

  • Kensei: Mistakes were made.

  • Kestrel: I’m super bad or super good in a players hand.

  • Kinetic: The hero to conclude the lore of VG but dissapoints with mediocre guilt and poor balance.

  • Koshka: For someone who is said to be speedy, she ain’t speedy at all nowadays.

  • Krul: Either I’m meta or I’m dead in the low tiers.

  • Lance: I can land all my shots like a pro or whiff them like a pro thrower.

  • Lorelai: Oh, you thought I was weak eh?

  • Lyra: Phew, at least I’m not gutted entirely like someone else had been.

  • Magnus: Deletus Maximus Ultus.

  • Malene: The best visual design in VG’s history but difficult to make work after SEMC decides to shove her down.

  • Ozo: The never meta monkey.

  • Petal: The hero whose pre-rework kithad more potential than what she has now that makes her potato.

  • Phinn: Oi, who stole my dic* pic!

  • Reim: I can’t keep up with these young scally wags!

  • Reza: Let’s dive, dive, dive!

  • Ringo: When can I get a buffs to my ult wind up?

  • Rona: My thicc thighs can’t save me from my nerfs…

  • Samuel: I’m sleeper and also edgy.

  • SAW: I’m an animal that’s lost its teeth.

  • Silvernail: If only I had a lore tp make me perfect…

  • Skaarf: Endless roast that makes no sense whatsoever.

  • Skye: Either I chop someone apart with my bullets or I miss everything.

  • Taka: Am I a failed Idris?

  • Tony: Hey, I’m not a typical dwarf!

  • Varya: When did they thought up that a book that embodies lightning could look sexy?

  • Vox: Forever Meta that everyone seems hesistant tp nerf to make way for other heroes.

  • Yates: If teleport boots gets merged with Catherine’s Arc Shield stun and Phinn’s hook, and then animated into a living being.


Tell me what are your own descriptions!


3.8-3.9 Lyra

lmao im gonna wreck your shit with my perk and you cannot stop me

Varya: sexy books on a whole new level

Gwen: a bun with buns that’ll kick your buns

Adagio: ‘I’ll hold back’ means I’ll miss my heals cuz minions

Skaarf: when you wanna be cute but set everything and everyone on fire

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Lmao this is cool. Totally agree with almost all of them. Poor Ringo’s ult…


I giggled so much to this post! :joy::joy::joy::smile:

Taka: Attempting to sneak attack - Runs into Scout Cam range

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Whaddya mean I saw those years ago

I literally pick this guy just because my teammates won’t indicate their role in draft - I can do whatever they don’t.

Actually, I overdrive her B more often then her A. (and very occasionally I do both) The immunity is useful.

no, The forever sleeper OP monkey.

Still have never seen this pic and am very dissapointed


Warning: if you look, you will never be able to unsee this

Original splash art


never knew they edited it lol funny
but here is the original one

Exactly the same image as above but cropped in tighter

Image result for phinn vainglory

[Moderator edit: hid the picture behind the “details” button, as that was the intention from my post, which you essentially duplicated :roll_eyes:]

Why did you repost the same image that’s in my post?

Cuz he wanted to show a closeup of the :eggplant: though it was already noticeable in the first pic

:potoo: :alphabarf:

Fixed it for him. :wink:

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lmfao I swear all I saw were just a text that said “Warning: if you look…”, did not see any drop down.

But here is a much closer look in case some one still can’t see.

Warning: 16+ content


Legend says he used to know how to grow up roses.

From 100 to 0.

BF 2.0

You think you can move?

When the delete button is made hero.

From 0 to hero.

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blackfeather : just delete me…

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I remember that what zekent said about the old vox when they were fixing his cp path , he said (vox fight the enemy … Wait for it (talking about his ult) … Dead ) , now they making Magnus do it , knowing that vox original name was Magnus , this ult problem probably something the balance Devs can’t deal with , I expect Magnus going to be a potatoe cp and get wp buff .

They tried to make a CP Vox “easier” to balance… but they ended creating Magnus, and as we all can see, they made the same mistake as with CP Vox, his ult damage.

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