Everlasting Night Guild, EU, NA, All Tiers

We are a Vainglory guild in the EU and NA server, interested in both novices and veteran players for the 5V5 mode!

Our guild is focused in improving the game play of every single member and have fun together in a peaceful environment.

We accept players of any skill tier, as long as they are genuinely interested in play the game, improve, debate and share their view and strategies on the game.

We hope everyone can have a nice time in our guild, inside and outside matches. As such, we absolutely disapprove toxicity, trolling, and other bad behaviours. We are very careful and selective toward the members that join our guild.

Please read our rules and send us your recruitment request if you are interested!

In our website you can find many guides and other useful resources, including a meta overview, tier list and builds for all heroes, hidden stats, list of known bugs, spreadsheets and other things.

In our discord server, you can ask for a coach (or to become one). This is done for free . A coach will watch your games, identify any problem in your gameplay and suggest you how to fix it.
We’re trying to build a free Vainglory coaching community, anyone is welcomed, even if not interested in the guild. It’s not necessary to be a guild member to become a coach or a student.

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Wow this guild sounds great is there any way I could join?


We are in the EU server now too!