Event tab is live

Title says it all, who gets all the awards first gets a like from me :smiley:

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A rare blue print for playing the at least 3 toxic 5v5 games? No thanks.

Aint too shabby imo, would be much better if the rewards were more diverse but I am liking this nonetheless.


The rewards are a bit underwhelming, but at least it’s an incentive for people to play some matches! Here’s to hoping they go back to offering events on a regular basis again — especially since the Battle Pass appears gone for good.


My thoughts, too. I also much prefer essence (@HipsterSkaarf, am I mistaken - but is there no emoji for essence!?) over glory as rewards for checking things off the list.

The essence can help me craft the unowned skin, or help me save up to craft a few of the epic/legendary skins I’m holding onto.

Yes, it’s nothing that will get you to jump out of your seat, but it’s something.

Overall, I was very pleasantly surprised to see an event live. I’m happy. :smile:

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I’d also like to add that it seems they’ve caught up after falling behind with the rotating event modes.

3v3 Casual is now LIVE

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The only official essence image I have is of low quality:


Our emoji are higher resolution than that, but I suppose I could see how it looks …

EDIT: Here you go :essence: <-- Hazel is not pleased by fuzzy emoji

Visiting its friends: :ice: :glory: :essence:


I’m not thrilled that I have to win so many 5v5 matches, but since the reward is an unowned rare blueprint, and since I’ve resorted to stockpiling blueprints as a way to pass the time, I guess I’m participating.

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I dont have the warhawk skin so the blueprint is out of reach for me :frowning:

Try playing a practice match.

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Thanks bro, it worked <3

This text will be blurred fo real, thanks again


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Why more essence? I already have enough to build Lyra and BF a house made of it?

I rather have the rewards (besides the one RARE blueprint and ice) be glory since its more useful… :potoo:

edit: didnt mean to tag :label: whoops

Gift diversity would be nice but since I was missing a little essence to craft a skin, I am grateful eitherway. The super easy 100 ice challange is also a nice gift.

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Oh I am too, Im just confused on multiple aspects of this event.

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So I decided to check how much essence I have (it’s a ton, and I have a bunch of duplicate BPs that I’ve not destroyed), so I navigated to the blueprints tab of my bag and found this:

Wtf? I have a bajillion BPs, as I said. So I looked at the skins tab, which DOES show my BPs (red box below shows an example), but now it seems to show I don’t own the default skins for any heroes (yellow boxes):

Omg, just when you think they couldn’t f up this UI any worse, they continue to do so. They’re paying someone to do this??? I’ve never seen so many UI bugs in a supposedly mature game in my life …


UI bugs are annoying af but I am willing to forgive bugs that do not affect my gameplay. I am assuming even tho it looks like it needs a small fix, it is a complicated glitch that needs a bit of work and since it aint a high priority, atm it is postponed. Lots of assumptions but I am trying to be positive :slight_smile:

What you see in Vainglory 4.4 – with its innumerable and seemingly unfixable bugs, both in the UI and in the game itself – is the result of that sort of approach: ignoring bugs that aren’t “high priority.” It’s a terrible way to manage software development, let me assure you.

Bugs do need to be prioritized, don’t get me wrong. But there are bugs in VG that have been there for YEARS without being addressed. It speaks to a failure of their QC processes.

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Seems like solid rewards for something I would usually do anyway. Not having to go out Of my way for an event fore once is nice. Hopefully they keep with with at least semi consistent events.

The BP being unowned is more than enough for me at this point lmao