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Event Rewards


So I was a little confused as to how our rewards were supposed to work. No instructions were given. So i just ended up picking the random Legendary and i got Fly or Die Baron. Not bad, but i was really wanting that Red Rona.

What did everyone else get? (whether you picked the random or picked one of the captains.


I got the same as you and was equally confused when I couldn’t choose a t3 skin of Rona. And also there were 4 t2 skins. 1 for every captain. I expected to be able to get t3 not t2 and for the captain I picked.


I’ve gotten a blueprint for Ice Dragon Skaarf.

The blueprint system is dumb and that’s a fact.


I agree. Id rather we go back to the card system but people were like “its so repetitive.” get over it. Its way easier and cheaper than this blueprint bs.

Sorry, Had to vent a little :joy:


i liked the idea of blueprints. much simpler. but that was until thry mentioned that it’s basically rng and you can’t craft or buy for glory.
blueprints gud. rng bad.


Guess what I got: A legendary SAW skin
F me


The skin is pretty good imo. 30


the funny thing about this is: i got the first place reward without playing a single 5v5 game throughout the duration…

i also want to know if any of you got a duplicate legendary bp.

semc needs to rethink their events and put a larger emphasize on the individual playing, so they actually get more games played. (like: 5 games get the fourth price, 10 games get the third price, 15 for the second and 20 for the first)


But I hate SAW as a hero. My friend got Red Rona wtf


I got Legendary BF. It’s the only skin I was missing for him.


Completely agreed. While having some events is better than none, those global events are pretty useless. It’s basically free stuff based on what you pick. But you have no impact by yourself. This doesn’t make people play more, it’s just there. We can’t even know if it’s legit or they’re setting up the stats. Not saying they’re lying or something as for example Malene event was completed but we can’t know for sure if we actually got the kills. And even if we did it’s not fun as most of the players are basically doing nothing.


Your friend is lucky but a friend of mine actually got Red Rona from daily chests lol. Best thing I’ve gotten from there is 20 glory or something.


I picked random as no skin i saw i wante and got ice age glaive it took forever for my essence to show up


Ride or die skye, rip :frowning:


Damn, better that than School Days Joule (kms)

They should have given some instruction, I would rather have gotten a Rona skin.


I picked the random legendary + essence, and of course I got a skin I already owned.



It was the same as the battle royal event.





Well the same reasons the dinosaurs died that’s why.



Am I the only one who joined team Taka?