Event-Exclusive Skins

Tl;dr – you won’t be able to get Rainbow Tabby Skaarf or Origins Idris outside of events anytime soon … maybe not ever. And they are planning to release more skins this way in the future.


idris skin is apparently mediocre but events are good. Even if they have blueprint chest or keys for the new chests as rewards, it’s good enough.

Also, what’s good hazey dazey? How’s the forums, any new updates?

It says certain and they clarify that there are more SE skins coming that will be purchasable for Opals, probably the Summer Party ones. Origins Idris was literally the original design so maybe they’ll make more skins based off of that idea. The Skaarf skins were just recolors of each other no matter how cool they were. I’d say from best to least it would be: White, Tabby, and then Bengal. The colors of the Skaarf skins really did affect how much it is visually appealing to the player with the rain.

Anyways more events are always nice and with a chance to get these skins its all good because so far the other rewards that come with are good too!

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Did they suddenly get some advice from a developer that i’m thinking of? this tactic has been around for years. Some skins are so exclusive that you’ll only ever see them when that particular player shows them off.

Anyway, I support this move. Exclusive skins for well earned acheivements. it creates an Aura of wonder… other players be like “wow”… how do i get that…

I like it. Promotes gameplay and gives f2p players chances to get more skins. Hopefully we get more Skaarf quality skins instead of Origin Idris-like ones, but I won’t be mad if we get a bit more origin Idris skins as long as the others are nice

On a selfish perspective, I don’t like it because I can no longer say “I have all the limited edition skins.”

However, on a general perspective, I don’t see anything wrong with it. Like others have said, it gives the opportunity for F2P players to get skins. Plus, they are events. I remember that events were a common request from, like, a year (or two) ago. I also remember the #ThrowbackToWhenSEMCWasntGreedy backlash train when a lot of the events were “cheap” and/or moneygrab events.

This year, I have to say that SEMC has been killing the events game. Good job to whoever’s in charge of that.


I hope not all the events are 5v5, please, if not… we’ll, I won’t get any of those skins.

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Wait…I have a Rainbow Chest with Rainbow Tabby Skaarf inside it. Can I still get the key?

Yes, but you need 10 keys. They will give them in events.

How did you get the chest, though? I don’t have no chests. :worried:

It says I only need 1 key, but is it in Summer events only?

You get the chest if your guild got a high fame level. Not sure how much

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They released an article talking about that, and you need 19 summer keys, that can be obtained in some events, later you will be able to buy them.

Aww… so much for that. But thanks a bunch for spreading the word!

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No problem :slight_smile: mate

prays for special edition malene, lyra and lorelai skin

Hmm why are you still playing 3v3. It’s boring as hell at least for me

Because I enjoy it and I can’t stand 5v5.


Couldn’t agree more, tbh. :vgcheersx3:

5v5 feels incomplete, unpolished, a work in progress. It feels slow and plodding because of the large map and the slowness of traversing it. The camera is too far away, and the map isn’t as beautiful as the Fold. It resembles every other MOBA I’ve played (except HotS) – unlike 3v3.

I just don’t enjoy it the way I enjoy playing 3v3.

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if its a skin like the skaarf one, its totally fine. thats a really good use for recoulored skins.
the origin idris is rather meh. there is no alternative for him, but as a rare quality skin its good enough.

but le/se skins just got really confusing. they should make another category with “event skins”. those skins can become se skins at a later point, but so its clrear for everyone that they wont be able to buy these skins.