Evening the odds

Tablet players should be able to organize everything on their screen. The size of the mini map or an on and off option for it. The location of the abilities and the sizes of them. Location and size of the actives. Option to hide inactive items. Option to remove pings. Pc players do have a lot of advantages and it’s time tablets get some of these quality of life improvements and updates.


I’d like a more customizable layout as well, because the range of screen sizes is way too broad now for the current In-game UI.


For phones too as they vastly vary in screen size and aspect ratio.


Since I played vainglory and I was dreaming of using my active buttons as a roam without clicking the buttons in game , just by using the gyro sensors , like moving the tablet or phone like a wheel to the left activate the block and to the right fountain and up wartreads , no more buttons except maybe the contraption because it’s complicated .

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