Eve worst cp item in the game

Outdamaged by every cp item with the exception of clockwork and in a meta dominated by mortal wounds, Eve is by far the worst cp item in the game. Considering that cp buff gives 10% lifesteal, there is basically no reason to ever buy it and more importantly do not ever buy it as a 1st or 2nd item.


I’ve been playing this game since the day of its release and I am only just now learning it’s “Eve of Harvest” and not “Eye of Harvest”.

I quit


Lmao :joy:



PS>Eve on a CP hero… What a joke…

Eve needs a rework…


Dude everyone shortens it to eve… Some to eoh but mostly Eve… How could you have missed that?

  1. Who are you referencing when you say “everyone”?
  2. This is my first time participating in a Vainglory community
  3. I actually don’t talk to many people :slight_smile:

Edit: Thinking about it a bit more, If I’ve seen the use of “Eve” on here before, I don’t think that reading it would have caused enough of a reaction for me to say “What is Eve?” until this point.

Who knows, people are, like, weird, man.


Don’t feel bad. I only realized that “Serpent Mask” wasn’t “Serpent’s Mask” when I was developing Andi. And I still call it “Serpent’s Mask” anyway. :lyra:


I was 12 when I finally realized the Air and Space Museum wasn’t actually Aaron’s Space Museum.

(this is quite off-topic… sorry!)

edit to add: As for Eve, I only really think to buy it on mages, but then I realize that I should be positioning in a way that I’m not taking damage anyway, so it’s better to just be a bit more cautious and go for something more powerful.


Yep, eve is not worth it nowdays. Needs a solid buff and maybe a little rework, i.e. adding some effect on top of healing.

Eve is just a counter-intuitive item, lifesteal items for CP is counter-intuitive in general. Staying outside and dealing a lot more damage rather than getting close to live and deal damage is just whatever. It’s not like Eve is bad its just that everything else is too good at what they do and sadly Eve doesn’t reflect that aspect of the CP Tree.

mortal wounds intensify
stacking intensifies
lowering cooldown on abilities intensifies
raw damage intensifies
CP damage on every other AA intensifies

Its when you try to say “lifesteal intensifies” its just meh. Lifesteal should be more of a WP attribute while energy draining should be a CP attribute obviously we can’t have that.

But did you try saying it in italics? … Lifesteal intensifies … nah, I guess you’re right. After thinking about it a bit more though, I still build Eve on Reim, but he’s having a little trouble being relevant in most of my 5v5 matches. Or at least when I use him.


Yeah I guess battle mages and Varya best utilize Eve probably cause they have to get in damage range. It’s always used probably on Sam and sometimes Skaarf but people never mention it because it never really is OP, it’s always just stat comparisons between items and thats when people tend to call it underpowered.

Question, have you tried top Reim and have a Captain w/ speed boost camp lane? It requires a bunch of resources and coordination but it’s always able to take attention away from your bot and mid lane.

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Isn’t Eve required for hero’s like Reim to sustain well in fights? Along with his barrier? Or is it not really required for him?

Hmm couldn’t you just replace Eve with as in most builds?

Reim is probably the only hero you build eve on but its a 2nd or 3rd item your first item has to be a shatter or dragons eye

Well damn, TIL. :confused:

I think everyone including the casters call it serpent’s though.

He could also just get the CP buff or poisoned shiv.
Eve is not worth the slot. Going to playtest PS vs Eve on Reim today…

It is an accessible mortal wound lifesteal and healing in one item. It means dropping SF and getting attackspeed and heal earlier due to boe.

PS DE CW SG Aegis boots seems like a fine build.
The energy and CP elements of Eve are neglible…

Eve needs 50% lifesteal :sneezing_face: i would love to abuse it

Had this very argument with a try hard VG, I bought PS rather than eve on a cp Vox for the speed and mortal wounds effect as well as the health and he called me a noob. Informed me I should buy eve… okay bro, if you say so.

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