Estimated lie

If only they could fix this + make a priority Q to counter dodgers and not force me into 15-20 minute Qs, I would forgive semc a lot of stuff

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I went to twitch and looked for recent vods vainglory players 3v3 , and picked one of them and tried to see what the 3 hours contain , I think 3 and half games , the rest dodges and waiting time .


The thing is, in 5vs5 it’s not a lot better than that. I frequently que 5+ minutes, then I got declines (I bet mostly because people start to do something else with that wait times) and guess what… que 5+ minutes again. If I manage to enter a draft, someone will dodge 2/3 of the time. Yes, EU t10 got a better chance for someone to dodge vs game start. Winning draft is not possible currently, it will be insta dodge and 5+ minutes que again after you losing 5-7 minutes drafting (dodgers are 90% of the time doing it after all picks). This for a mobile game is death for that game, I can’t see how someone can argue against that and no matter what the game is. This goes for a PC online game too, btw. Kids don’t have the patience to not play and adults don’t have the time to waste it like that.

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Shout-out to the auto match find at 8 minutes! Am I right!?

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Shout-out to the additional 8 minutes when the game is not accepted or dodged.

Shout-out to the wasted 20+ minutes after you survived the draft because you got matched with lower tiers against a full party .

That’s basically ranking summed up in one phrase.


Lmao. Sounds accurate.

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