Epic's upcoming MOBA - Primordials of Amyrion

Anyone know much about this game? Closed beta coming on Steam 29 July 2020, launching on Early Access on 6 October.

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Why does it look like it was made in 2008? I know graphics are not all that is important, but the lack of polish really makes me question how much effort was put into the game, kinda reminds me of smite where the lack of cohesion in the visuals mirrors haphazard and messy game design.

Would love to see a unique take the genre, but when a game like crucible is coming out, when a game as amazing as paragon has failed, is this going to make any impact?


The lack of attention to the visuals is strange, considering Epic just previewed Unreal Engine 5 which is capable of graphics like these:

Perhaps it’s just because the game is still in an early stage of development, though.

Wait this is made by Epic? They usually put a lot more polish into projects, can’t remember them ever releasing something this rough. Maybe it’s by an outside studio?