End of Year Prestige Point Shop now open

The remaining 2019 Prestige skins will be available until 2020-02-03T21:00:00Z – and all 2019 Prestige Points expire at that time, so make sure to spend them by then! In addition to the Prestige skins, there’s quite a bit of other loot available too:


Full details here

Thanks to the Night & Dawn event’s generosity, I was able to pick up an additional 100 Prestige Points, which I used to get my last 2019 Prestige skin today:

(I also got the Prestige Ahri emote, which is super cool :sunglasses:)

I have 40-some 2019 Prestige Points left over, and I’m trying to figure out how to spend them, since they don’t carry over :sob:

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Bumping this, as 2019 Prestige Points are expiring in 2 days! Use them or lose them, folks! :money_with_wings: