End of season

So I just hit lvl 50 sunlight and got the awesome legendary lance skin through the battlepass and a mystery key for the future.

6 days left in the season and all I need is one more 3v3 win for my trophy and then I have nothing to play for…

In my last ranked match I had it all: afk on both teams. Toxic allies who want you dead on one mistake. Que time to get that match was super long too.

I’m just not sure if VG will stay in existence like this. Going yo check out the competition again, mostly because of the que times… Toxicity is one thing but the que time is another.

When we get a game we have qued for the entire game length. Of course on update day I will be back lol.

How do you guys feel about the state of the game?

I’ll summarize my answer saying that if there was a world record to killing ur game, ur community and ur pro scene within two years, smec is just nailing it.


Bad, I spend the same amount of time in que as playing. Then we have the dodges all the time if one of the teams have better comp in the draft phase or if someone don’t get the exact hero he wants. Then we go into the game where more often than not there are poa people that draft/play like t4 and I am serious about it, not in the cocky “I am good, you all are noobs” type of statement. I am not good, they are just not poa’s period! Ofc the trolling is mandatory.

This all in 5vs5, I can imagine that 3vs3 won’t be any better. SEMC - PUNISHMENTS and no access to ranked if one is punished (now it is like that, or atleast it was, but if one is not punished that doesn’t matter, is it?). Better detections of trolling, better reporting, harsher punishments.

Unfortunately SEMC cannot deal with dodgers except for LPQ which seems to not have done much considering how many people are still complaining about it I sometimes deal with that problem, but thankfully not that much. SEMC still needs to advertise more. I never see ANY if there even are any rn advertisements for VG. It’s not gonna help the game grow if only we know about the game. VG needs YT ads showing game play which can catch the attention of PC players that may want to try out a mobile moba that claims to be for competitive players Which obv it is. Do you think those cringey ML ads were for nothing?

3v3 I just lost my match because my ally refused to attack turrets 2v1 with two enemies just killed…

They don’t punish dodging in 5vs5 draft or they punish it super rarely with massive offence as a lot of players come in the draft with the clear mind that they either will pick exact hero or dodge, even staying it in the chat and proceed with it. :wink:

If SEMC punished the dodgers and trolls, there would be less dodges and toxic behaviour. LPQ, no ranked till LPQ expire.

Even if they advertise, it’s too late and in the current state of the game - the player base will not grow by much. People love AOV and bang dong, for a mobile fun fast MOBA on the go. They leave the serious efforts for their home infront of the PCs.

They don’t sit in their living rooms waiting 30m to start a mobile game while their PC is turned off. :slight_smile:

Meanwhile in AOV you dont even have vision items… Vainglory though by many considered a copy cat in their 5v5 has a whole lot more going on than AOV…

Aov has the best items besides Vainglory. Heroes evolved has crappy items and ML is meh in between…

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Single biggest issue is dodging IMO, I can and often do wait and que for over 15 minutes before I can get a match, whilst this is frustrating I’ll continue to play (I love the game), but newer players will leave.

It’s really not difficult to code in a penalty for dodging, start hitting people with 50 elo fines and they’ll play (though probably troll) the match.-

5v5 also has a lot of boosted players at the moment, ppl who are VG in 3v3 but clueless hen it comes to mechanics in 5v5. I’m putting this down to how new he game is, give it 3 mom has an I expect this to settle own a little.

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“Gimme the doggo or I give u the dodgo”

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