End of match reward sounds [update 3.3]

Does anyone else find the sounds really poxy?

like they took a cheap children’s toy keyboard and selected whatever sound they hit first?

And what’s with the pinkish / blueish hue, with Kensei in the background… looks like Barbie’s boyfriend with some attitude.

The end of match sound has a very chorus-like characteristic to it that I’m fairly sure I’ve heard somewhere else before - it’s possibly snipped from a song / sound I’m familiar with but I can’t quite put my finger on it. I’ll get back to you on that.

Otherwise, I think it’s a nice addition but I’m not sure about the color palette. I enjoy it but it doesn’t feel all there. I’m a sucker for the colors they’re using but as I stated in the past, it seems they’ve got a lot of ideas bundled together incoherently. Different visual aesthetic desires crammed together rather than one uniform look. As I had also mentioned in the past, though, I think they’re slowly pulling it together. It’s an interesting journey. I’m enjoying watching it change.

Bit annoying and too complex for a simple spoils of wars window. It’s not bad, but i wish i could efficiently skip over it


Their new UI design lacks cohesiveness, in my eye. I worked as a graphic designer many moons ago, and many (if not most) of the screens that make up this new UI just make me sad.

Tbh, it feels like a badly-done copy of the AoV/ML aesthetic. (As they’ve decided their target market is really SEA/EA, that’s not terribly surprising, of course. I just wish it were done better.)


Just don’t click message notification mid so if you do the music gets stuck on loop until app close

Thank you for putting into words my thoughts which I could not. I feel I have a sense for design intrinsically, but am untrained. I’m an artist but no designer. I think I understand what they’re trying to accomplish, but I understand enough that it’s not quite at that point.

I’m not familiar with Bang Bang’s appearance, but AoV honestly nails it. I love AoV’s look. I think SEMC will get to their own plateau in time.

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I don’t really mind the design. As long as things work well.

I’m just cringing at that color scheme… they went from light blue, to pinkish blueish hue. Maybe it’s just me, I never liked pink on anything really…

@dream they’re using your raining gif :laughing:

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I cringe at it too don’t worry I see vainglory more like the DotA kinda a darker world. The treants glowing a bit I kinda liked but switching the UI to bright colors just doesn’t work for me

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Pardon me? What do you mean? They?

I’m a bit confused, sorry.

stare at that U.I long enough in the game and you’ll see what i mean :wink:

I just love rain so much. :frowning:

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Playing in the rain is a much loved past time. I’ve watched movies in the rain, go running in the rain… playing Basketball in the rain…

I would actually play in the rain for hours and hours. lol.

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Pluviophile detected!

Welcome to the club

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