Element! (Work In Progress)

(I just copy pasted this here from the forum, Work In Progress

Hey all!
Welcome to our guild page!
We are Element, my name is Chriszle nice to meet you!
Our guild is centered around west europe and is now open for recruiting.
We are participating in both casual and competitive gameplay.
But most of the times we just play casual and have fun! Cause that is the most important thing :slight_smile:

Our guild has 2 chat groups:

  • Lounge (All Skill Tiers allowed - Play with us!)
  • Guild Chat (Mainly Simply Amazing+)

Our current Player roster:
Only the players with an Element tag who are listed here are official members.
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The Lounge
Now you might wonder, what is the lounge? And how do I join?
The lounge is like a virtual lobby in which you can meet and talk with us, but also with others who are in the lounge. Our guild will invite people over from the lounge at random intervals for either a guild scrimmage, a public match or a 1v1. It is key that you participate in these games as we use this to measure your skill and how active you are. During these games, every member with the official element tag gives feedback to us. The ones making the final decision are the founders and our coach. Please keep in mind that this is a long process as we make careful decisions on who are able to represent our guild.

The Guild Moderators
[USER=3195]@Chriszle[/USER] - Line id: chriszle

Joining and Requirements:

You need the Line chat app to join the Guild
You also need to be The Hotness rank or higher.
Next up, add Chriszle using his account name chriszle on Line post an image of your VainGlory profile.
Next up you will need to sign up here

General information

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