EdAWACS Hero Idea: Solaris

Hello, everyone, this is EdAWACSdenyY, and today welcome to my hero spotlight. Today we will be looking at Solaris, a Herald of Justice who awakened by the activities of the Nether and the Churn, falls to earth to administer his own brand of Judgment by the length of his sword.

A member of the Heralds of Living Bright, Solaris was the Vanguard of the Heralds embodying Absolute Judgement. Together with the other four Heralds, Solaris served The Light, the true embodiment of Order and Certainty. During the Uncertain War, Solaris fought against the forces of the Nether scorching everything to cinders to cleanse the land or so the legends say. Eventually, in a span of time that has been forgotten, the Heralds were recalled to The Light and slumbered. Now events in the current timeline have awakened them and Solaris as always is the first to charge into the situation his sword ready.

The Herald of Absolute Judgement, Solaris is stern and relentless in his resolve. Difficult to reason with and quick to anger, Solaris is a being not to be crossed. His views on morality are expectantly black and white, but tinges of pragmatism and reason occasionally will reach him. One thing is for sure, whatever Solaris has decided and ruled, his conviction will never waver.

On the Rise, Solaris is a tanky melee laner or jungler who crushes the enemies beneath him while bringing Inquisition upon anyone unfortunate enough to incur his verdict. Those who challenge the Herald of Absolute Judgment will be confronted by his Dominion breaking their will to fight.

PASSIVE: Light Dogma

Solaris’s auto attacks and abilities apply stacks of Dogma to heroes and monsters

  • Each stack grants bonus Weapon or Crystal damage on Solaris’s basic attacks and abilities based on the primary damage items Solaris purchased.
  • Upon reaching 4 stacks, Solaris expends all stacks on the enemy hero or monster reducing his ability cooldowns by 2 seconds.
  • Instead of energy, Solaris uses Fervor shown as a yellow bar underneath his health bar. Fervor caps at a certain number and can be regenerated by dealing damage or taking damage from enemy heroes and monsters.

A: Heraldic Ascension

Solaris targets a location and ascends to the heavens.
A few seconds later, Solaris slams down in the target location sending out a shockwave that damages all enemies within the blast radius.

  • Enemies caught underneath Solaris are briefly STUNNED and take full Crystal damage,
  • Enemies caught in the blast radius take reduced Crystal damage.
    Upon OVERDRIVING this ability, Solaris briefly becomes UNTARGETABLE while ascending.

B: Inquisition

Upon activation Solaris gains the ability to basic attack while moving.
Solaris’s empowers his next few auto attacks with bonus CRYSTAL damage

  • These empowered auto attacks CLEAVE though all enemies he basic attacks.
  • Solaris gains a tiny barrier for each hero he INITIALLY hits with his auto attacks (up to a maximum).
  • Each basic attack reduces the duration of Inquisition

ULTIMATE: Dominion Radiance

Upon activation Solaris channels for 2 seconds, calling upon the Power of the Light.

  • During channeling, Solaris reveals the location of EVERY enemy hero on the map.
  • Enemies will receive a visual and audio cue while Solaris channels his ultimate. A ray of light will descend upon each enemy which upon landing will apply its effect.
  • After the channeling ends, Solaris globally DISARMS every enemy hero on the map for a TEMPORARY duration removing their ability to basic attack. After successfully completing his ultimate, Solaris briefly gains a burst of movement speed.

Voice Lines

  • “All are guilty beneath my blade” ~Solaris taunt
  • “Blood is the payment for your atonement”
  • “You need only follow my rule to succeed”
  • " My Verdict is Law!" ~When channeling Ultimate

I’ll just be the first to say, that is one badass ultimate

Thanks for liking my hero! I’m glad you enjoy the ultimate. But could you give some critique as well?

The 2 second reduction in CD seems like it could be high, however the ability timers aren’t shown

Now, despite how much I love the ultimate, you could easily channel it before a late teamfight and be OP. Is it blockable (RB/Crucible)? If it is, the visual cue would have to be obvious enough to block. Also, how long is temporary?

How large (approximately) is the melee attack range? When you say autoattacks cleave through heroes, is this sideways AOE like Glaive, or extended like Lance’s basic attacks?

It seems a bit unnecessary to have basic attacks off of B reduce the cooldown of said ability unless the intent is to punish people who use B and then don’t land attacks?

I’m not quite sure what you mean by:

Does this mean he gets a barrier off of hitting only the targets he clicks on, as opposed to those caught in his cleave?

How large approximately is the blast radius of A? Does it come with a slow for those caught outside the stun circle? (its not listed, so i assume not, but this kind of layering is really common)

Cool voicelines fam

anything else you can talk about like the hero abilities and any potential critique? I mean yes voice lines are cool but anything about the hero and her kit?

So with the B ability does Solaris stay locked on even when you move somewhere else? I like that ability quite a bit tbh. The Ult is pretty cool too. Honestly I like how this hero looks. I’d use him

What do you mean by Solaris staying locked on with his B when he moves somewhere else?

Inquisition basically removes the restriction all heroes have. The need to stop and complete their auto attack animation before you can move.

When Solaris activates his B he can auto attacking while moving.

Okay that’s exactly what I was asking lol. By locking on I did mean having to specifically focus on attacking something instead of simply moving, so the B stays locked on even if u move somewhere else

The cooldown if the A at max rank is 12 seconds, the cooldown of the B is 8 seconds at max rank and the cooldown of the ultimate is 88 seconds at max rank.

The Disarm from the Ultimate is blockable by reflex block and abilities that ignore negative effects. As it’s a form of crowd control it can also be cleansed by abilities such as Skedaddle.

The duration of the disarm is 1 seconds at level 6, 1.6 seconds at level 9 and 2 seconds at level 12. The visual cue is a giant sword of light descending upon all enemy heroes.

His Melee Attack range is around that of Reza and Glaives auto attack range. His cleave is a sideways cleave like that of Glaive.

The basic attacks decreasing the duration of Inquisition is meant as a balancing factor just like with Adagio’s agent of wrath. This is to ensure windows of power where Solaris can deal heavy damage but not feel oppressive.

The barrier gain is from every hero he initially hits with his auto attacks while using Inquisition that includes enemies he catches in his cleave.

The blast radius of his A is between Rona’s a and Reza’s ultimate. After some consultation with other seasoned players it was deemed to unbalanced for Heraldic Ascension to have a slow for enemies not caught underneath Solaris or to add any other additional effects enemies caught in the outer blast. Therefore for the sake of balance I just made it deal reduce do crystal damage.

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