EdAWACS Hero Idea: Mafelsic

Hello everyone, my name is EdAWACSdenyY and welcome to the Vainglory Hero Spotlight. Today we will be looking at Mafelsic, a volcanic elemental, with a temper as fiery as his composition.

A resident of the Brimstone Plains, Mafelsic was just one of the many volcanic elementals living the life, swimming in molten lava, breathing in the sulfurous fumes, and eating rocks and minerals. But one day, the Churn swept through the Brimstone Plains, poisoning the earth itself and corrupting Mafelsic’s fellow elementals transforming them into unspeakable abominations.

Poisoned by the Churn contaminating his home, the elemental escaped and wandered from place to place, shunned and feared by people who crossed paths with him. Angered by the loss of a place to live, and his very essence tainted by the Churn itself, Mafelsic vows to find some way to burn melt the Churn away one day, and reclaim his lost homeland.

On the Rise, Mafelsic plays the role of a melee jungler with devastating area of effect damage that allows him to melt the opposition.

PASSIVE: Pyrrhic Victory

upon taking fatal damage, Mafelsic becomes UNTARGETABLE and ROOTED in place. After 1.2 second, he explodes dealing 80-400 (Levels 1-12) TRUE damage (which scales with 25% of his bonus crystal power) in a large area of effect. Pyrrhic Victory has no cooldown and will be activated as many times as possible.

Mafelsic’s basic attacks apply globules of lava to his targets which deal continuous light TRUE damageto enemies for 2 seconds.

A: Eruption Cascade

Mafelsic slams down his fist in the targeted direction sending out a series of eruptions cascading outward in a line. Enemies caught in the eruptions take crystal damage and are briefly KNOCKED AIRBORNE. At the end of the eruption, a geyser of lava erupts dealing a burst of crystal damage and a longer KNOCK-UP.

B: Molten Pond

Mafelsic regurgitates out a stream of lava in the targeted direction forming a large pond of molten rock. Enemies walking on the Molten Pond take constant crystal damage and are GROUNDED preventing them from using movement abilities while standing on the pond.

After a few seconds, the Molten Pond solidifies, ROOTING enemies in place for 1.2 seconds

If Mafelsic himself is standing on the Molten Pond, his basic attacks become empowered and Mafelsic himself heals for a small amount for every enemy hero standing on Molten Pond.

ULTIMATE: Pyroclastic Flow

Mafelsic erupts, creating a wave of debris and hot ash in a wide area around him. Enemies caught inside the area of effect take constant heavy crystal damage every second. The longer Pyroclastic Flow is active, the larger it’s radius of effect increases up to a maximum.

Pyroclastic Flow continuously drains Mafelsic’s energy for each second he has the ability active. The ability can be canceled early by reactivating it, or using another ability.

Mafelsic is granted FORTIFIED HEALTH each second he deals damage to enemy heroes up to a maximum. Each rank in Mafelsic’s ULTIMATE permanently grants him damage reduction.


Nice! Just to clarify, after Mafelstic has exploded because of his passive, he does die, right?

Yes after he explodes he does die. So other in-depth critique you can give about Mafelsic?

Yikes so every mortal wound he would self destruct. This would end badly against a good amount of heros

i don’t like it. his perk Promotes suicide.
His B is a large sized pool of death, let’s face it, grounded is just another term for rooted, after which they are rooted for another 1.2 seconds.

His ULT is potentially never - ending. and why would he need to? if anyone kills him, he deals damage as well.

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I just need something about a bad temper and you have my spirit animal :wink:


what about my one ;_; he was designed for you :kissing_cat:

tbh, there’s very little I can think of. Very well designed, I can see him being played as a Bruiser like Glaive, but also as a Captain. Considering the amount of CC he has, I’d imagine him to be kinda slow (Phinn?). My only worry is that his Basic attacks may be OP considering he already has enough CC, and a potential of making them Ranged.

So I think remove the ranged basic attacks, and have the empowered basic attack activate on a timer (like Samuel’s), making him a High Sustain, high CC hero who’s main weakness is that he can be kited. Something like Reim, in a way.

Basic attack slow sounds a little OP… having said that I love the build and abilites, nice job man.

I mean he’s meant to be a tanky melee with no initiation so it was either he deals more damage or slows.

Think how oppressive Reim can be once he’s on top of hero, this guy doesn’t even need the B ability to stop people from escaping as his basic attacks do it for him… I’d shy away from any hero having basic attack slows.

I could see it working with either high cooldown or high amount of attacks first with a .5-1.5 second slow

Not sure I follow, your basic attack doesn’t have a cool-down; unless your suggesting the slow is a passive ability a bit like Gwens empowered attack?

Guess that would make it less OP, but and it’s a big but a melee bruiser tank who can slow with basic attacks and root you sounds like reim only significantly stronger.

Only hero I can think of who has a slow on a AA is lyra and that involves her standing still to lane her second attack. Put that ability on someone who can move and you’ve got a serious lockdown ability especially combined with a WP orb.

I see your point so I removed the slow on his autos and instead his autos will just deal continous light true damage for 2 seconds.

If your wondering about the true damage on his autos. its 10-50 (Level 1-12) for 2 seconds

Also keep in mind his B does not slow but GROUNDS which just means no dash abilities

I was thinking just like that as a perk that has a cooldown. Or a every 10th attack has a 50% to slow. Though a root ability plus a slow aa is a little much

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