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EdAWACS Hero Idea: Decesio


Welcome to the Vainglory Spotlight, Today we will be looking at Decesio, a rotting necromancer harvesting corpses to revive his beloved wife.

Once a magician whose wife tragically died from a cursed sword wound, Decesio offered his soul to the Nether in exchange for unholy magic to wrench his love back into the living world.

However, the ritual that Decesio attempted to perform horrifically rebounded upon him and ended up dragging him into the darkest depths of the Nether instead.

There, Decesio’s humanity was stripped away until only his desire to reunite with his wife remained. With this singular resolve, he left the Nether now mutated into a horrific decomposing caster.

Decesio now wanders the world, spreading further misery and anguish in his maddening endeavor to resurrect his beloved, unaware that there is no way to revive his wife.


However, nothing will stand before him, even if he has to violate the sacred balance between the living and the dead

On the Rise, Decesio is a mid-range mage who creates horrific undead hordes out of the corpses of his unfortunate victims. On his own, Decesio lacks any meaningful way of fighting back, but once he raises the dead, he can quickly overwhelm even the most tenacious of heroes.

On this day, the Dead shall dance with the Living.

HEROIC PERK: Necrotic Grimoire

Curse of the Forsaken: Decesio cannot be HEALED by allied heroes or item lifesteal. Enemy heroes can target Morbius with their HEALS in order to deal 60% of the healing strength as TRUE DAMAGE to him.

  • Decesio is also immune to SLEEP, FEAR, and MORTAL WOUNDS.

Body as Collateral: Decesio has no energy bar, instead his abilities cost a certain percentage of his current health. Purchasing energy items will instead grant him 100% of BONUS energy regeneration as a percentage of CRYSTAL LIFE STEAL up to a cap of 20.

  • Decesio also gains 40% of his bonus crystal power as bonus health.

BASE STATS (Level 1-12)

Health: 650-2691
Energy: 0

Armor: 25-85
Shield: 20-70

Weapon: 15-113
ATK Speed: 100%-136.6%

Range: 6
Movespeed: 3.4

FIRST ABILITY: Grave Calling


Decesio generates miasma at the target location, dealing a burst of crystal damage and MARKING all enemies within a 2-meter radius for 4 seconds, with the MARK’s duration refreshed by subsequent ability damage Decesio deals. If this ability damages at least 1 enemy, Decesio will summon a Zombie in the target location (up to a maximum of 3).

  • Zombies gain the effects of Curse of the Forsaken

  • Zombies deal crystal damage to their attack targets and will automatically move towards and attack the closest enemy.

  • Zombies prioritize enemies that Decesio basic attacks and will LUNGE at enemy heroes with their FIRST attack.

  • Zombies will instantly expire if Decesio is killed. Zombies last 10 seconds before decomposing when out of combat.

Overdrive: Distance of Zombie’s LUNGE increases.

Cooldown: 7s/6.5s/6s/5.5s/5s

Health Cost: 5%/5%/5%/5%/5%

Damage: 20/60/100/140/180 CP Ratio: 80%

Range: 8/8/8/8/10

Zombie Health: 475/525/675/725/875 CP Ratio: 95%

Zombie Damage: 42/64/86/108/130 CP Ratio: 40%

SECOND ABILITY: Flesh In My Image:

Decesio summons an undead Lich at the target location after a 0.5-second channel. The Lich attacks in place of Decesio’s basic attacks; dealing crystal damage and applying ABILITY effects with every ranged attack.

  • Every enemy that dies near a Lich will reanimate as a Zombie (If Grave Calling is already learned)

Liches will expire if Decesio moves 8 meters away from them or if Decesio dies.

Cooldown: 11s/10s/9s/8s/7s

Health Cost: 9%/11%/13%/15%/17%

Lich Health: 250/375/485/560/620 CP Ratio: 40%

Lich Damage: 70/100/130/190/210 CP Ratio: 130%

Lich Attack Range: 5.4/5.6/5.8/6.2/6.4

ULTIMATE: Procession of the Damned


Procession of the Damned is a TOGGLED ability that can be turned on and off. The ability continuously drains Decesio’s health when TOGGLED on.

Decesio surrounds himself with an 8-meter radius circle of MIASMA that deals continuous crystal damage to enemy heroes caught inside while afflicting them with UNIT COLLISION; preventing them from phasing through allied heroes and minions.

Zombies and Liches who expire while inside the miasma RESURRECT after 1.5 seconds.

All Zombies and Liches inside the circle gain access to special abilities which can be used by selecting the particular Zombie or Lich. Each ability of each particular Undead has their own individual cooldown that does NOT SCALE with Decesio’s cooldown reduction.

Zombie Ability:

Vomit: The selected Zombie vomits on a targeted enemy slowing them by 35% for 2 seconds and melting their shields by 2% each second. The slow does not stack from subsequent Vomit casts from multiple Zombies on the same target.

Lich Abilities:

Festering Desire: The Lich creates a cesspool filled with decomposing hands that lasts for 4 seconds which SNARES enemies inside it. The slow and snare does not stack from subsequent casts on the same area.

Upon learning this ULTIMATE, all Zombies and Liches CANNOT be MARKED by enemy heroes.

Health Cost per second: 3%/3%/3%

Damage per Sec: 190/230/310 CP Ratio: 40%

Duration: 6s/8s/10s

Zombie ability cooldown: 9s/7s/6s

Lich ability cooldowns: 13s/11s/9s





Really cool idea and i like the names of the abilities and perks. but he seems a but op in some parts :ok_hand:


Could you please explain “which parts” makes him op? That would help me out immensely, Thank you very much for your reply! It means the world for me.



The lore actually reminded me of krul , deathless reim and Ardan combined

Now from his perk he gains attack speed from cooldowns reduction , so I assume he doesn’t need AC , what is his basic attack crystal ratio ?

And I think his abilities cooldown are low , especially if we talking about someone benefit from energy and cooldowns reduction .


If you looked carefully at his stats, you will know that he has no crystal ratio on his basic attacks. If he did I would have mentioned it in the Heroic Perk

Well, he’s a summoner mage who heavily relies on his minions. The reason his A is on such a short cooldown is that he needs it to direct his otherwise mindless Zombies. His B cooldown is moderate at best. Ultimate cooldown, well it’s what makes him strong.


Yeah I read the stats that’s why I asked , because I think the cooldown reduction and attack speed is a weird combination , because attack speed is wp damage increase equal to cool reduction which is damage increase for cp , each one work for specific build , so when you combined them I thought it something going to make him a basic attack Mage like sniper .

So if Iam going to build him with spell word that gives me attack speed and damage , so I could live with that but still need wp ratios on abilities .

Like I understand if you not going to give him wp ratios on abilities , but the attack speed thing not that cool without basic attack cp ratio , or abilities wp ratio .


Morbius’s name has now officially been changed to Decesio due to too much similarity with a Marvel character that has the exact same name as this hero idea.


Okay so.

I really like the idea, but there’s some things I would tweak.

Firstly, make them melee. This ties into everything else I’m going to be talking about, it’ll be relevant I promise.
Secondly, give them a health scaling with CP. As in, based on flat CP Decesio gains bonus HP.

A: Give it a larger cooldown (5 seconds?), but allow it to summon half of the maximum zombie count. (This is simply to make the ability less spammy and to become more threatening in an immediate fight.)
Zombies will always have the effects from Curse of the Forsaken, overdrive only increases lunge range.
Zombies also prioritise enemies that Decesio attacks.
Zombies expire when out of combat for 10 seconds.
Include Zombie Armour/Shield.
Maintain Health Cost at 5% at all ranks.

B: Remove the passive.
Decesio can attack separately of the Lich. The Lich is ranged and does not proc AA effects.
The Lich provides zombies with bonus resistances + movespeed when nearby.
Remove the initial health cost.
Add a constant health cost (2% per second?)
Never expires. Only put on CD if the ability is cancelled or the Lich is killed.
Include Lich Armour/Shield.

C: Zombies and Liches resurrect after a 1.5 second delay.
Zombies and Liches are constantly healed every half second (5%?)
Remove Lamenting Howl.
Switch to a toggle ability. (Turn on and off at any time)
Remove initial health cost.
Add a constant health cost (3% per second?)

I’m sure you get the general direction that I’m going with this but essentially what I’m trying to steer this ship towards is a raid-boss type character. They’re an absolute unit of a man with tons of tankiness, health and minions to make you mad but they have the weakness of, well, death. Constantly draining your health is a necessity considering how dependant each part of his kit is on each other, with Zombies relying on the Lich to increase their stats while the Lich is dependant on the zombies to keep themselves alive. Both of these creatures rely on the ultimate to truly become powerful, healing and reviving constantly, becoming a major threat and clawing up their opponents. The weakness itself is Decesio; it has to stay in melee range to order around the horde, stay close to gain maximum effect with his ult and be at an arms reach for his zombies to attack.

I spent way too much time on this.