EdAWACS Hero Design: Nyx

Hello, everyone, this is my first hero design here on the forum. So my idea for a hero is either melee single target assassin. But before I get to her abilities a bit of backstory on her.

A denizen of the Nether, Nyx is a Vice, a creature created out of the last emotions of the deceased, an amalgamation of the final thoughts of dying creatures mashed together. The lamentations, regrets and other final thoughts tugs on a Vice’s essence ensuring they are ravenous pitiful creatures always wanting to fulfill, to SATIATE the desires that are part of them. Hence some Vices are driven to cannibalizing each other to fill the emptiness in their “hearts”

Nyx is one of these Vices born into a world full of unfriendly and dangerous circumstances. However, one of the emotions within her calls out, not in vain, but from the living world from a man who is cursed to be neither alive nor dead. This intrigues Nyx so she escapes one day from a rift in the Nether and now seeks to find the owner of this feeling. A person like that would provide Nyx with what may finally satisfy her. Along her way, however, a few snacks or two from living prey would be enough to whet her appetite.

Oh the Rise, Nyx fulfills the role of a terrifying melee assassin who stalks her prey tormenting them with her devastating abilities and isolating her prey in darkness before lunging in for the feast.

Now onto her abilities.

Passive: Seed of Doubt

AA and Abilities apply Doubt to enemies which stack 4 times
each stack applies decaying slow to target, at 4 stacks deals a burst of crystal damage to the target but Nyx cannot reapply stacks to them for some time after.

A: Emotional Rift

Nyx opens up a Nether Rift that deals damage to all enemies in a line
a few seconds later the Rift erupts dealing damage a second time to enemies still standing on it
at 150 WP Nyx’s A can reduces the cooldown of Guilt Stalker (B) every time it hits something.
at 150 CP Nyx’s A has a longer range (maximum 8 meters)
Overdriving Emotional Rift significantly decreases it’s cooldown and removes it’s cast time allowing Nyx to cast it while on the move

B: Guilt Stalker

Nyx’s next move command is a blink in the target direction her next basic attack deals bonus crystal damage
if she manages to basic attack an enemy, she can recast Guilt Stalker to Blink again but at half the range of the previous Blink. Guilt Stalker can only be cast a maximum of 3 times before going on cooldown
at 150 CP her auto attacks and Emotional Rift reduce Guilt Stalker and Last Regret’s (Ult) cooldown by 1 second
at 150 WP her empowered auto attacks grant a portion of the damage as lifesteal

and finally her Ultimate Last Regret

Nyx targets an enemy champion marking them with Doubt
After a few seconds, the targeted Enemy champion is afflicted with LONE VISION
Enemies afflicted with LONE VISION lose all vision of allies and Scout Cams and has significantly reduced vision
Nyx is stealthed for the duration of the ultimate but can unstealth early if she uses a basic attack or ability or takes damage.
Nyx’s next auto attack on her targeted enemy hero is a lunge that deals crystal damage
Targets afflicted with LONE VISION will hear Nyx giggling and laughing while she is stealthed
Upon lunging at her target, Nyx lets out a global scream that is heard by everyone.
at 150 CP the Last Regret increases the range of her lunge
at 150 WP the Last Regret will briefly stun the first enemy she lunges at.

So that’s Nyx in a nutshell. She can go for heavy burst with CP or a more sustained damage with her WP path.


O hecc how long have u been in the forums

I think this hero idea is quite decent for a first time; I especially like how clear and easy to read the abilities are. I do have some suggestions though.

First of all, the abilities don’t interact much with each other. The heroic perk especially is not utilized in the abilities well, which makes stacking Doubt feel rather pointless.

This also brings me to my second point of critique. The additional benefits of overdriving an ability or getting to 150 wp or cp feel a bit random, like there’s no real thought behind it. I think you can improve Nyx by making her abilities more impactful and specific. For example, wp Nyx could focus on her A ability while cp Nyx focuses more on her B ability, something like that. Look what you want to be really defining about Nyx and focus on those things instead of mashing multiple skills together.

I hope this helps you improve.

Only for a short while nice to see you here care to give some critique?

I took your advice and added in a few minor changes what do you think about it now?

WP Nyx will focus on her A (which reduces the cooldown of her B) and her B for more chase potential and some CC in the form of a stun on her ultimate. This build will focus more on utilizing her perk and using basic attacks to keep enemies near and makes her a bit more sustain making her a semi-bruiser assassin

CP will also focus on her A and her B will be more focused on landing her abilities to reduce the cooldowns of her B and her Ultimate which will make her more of a high-risk high reward CP burst assassin with short windows of burst damage.

Any other suggestions on my hero?