Echo problem

With abilities like Grace’s A and ult, Flicker’s B, Lyra A, you have to wait for the duration to end to activate Echo. But my problem is there’s time I wanna use other abilities during those abilities’s duration, which leads Echo to be used on the wrong skill. How Echo works makes it really hard on those heroes since they can’t use any skills between.
So I hope that they’ll change how Echo works: Tap Echo -> Choose an ability that is on cooldown -> Refresh. It may sound more complicating but I think Echo will work better as you can choose any specific skill to use.


I feel echo is fine how it is as it add a little skill on using it if it could refresh any skill on cooldown the potential to really abuse it would break it and cause a longer cooldown fo it


Thats actually super annoying on catherine
I used to echo her bubble instead of the ult because of the wait after using ability and late cooldown counting , so if you used the bubble then the ult then used the echo you get bubble echoed , it happened to me a lot before until i fixed it by paying more attention to the abilities cooldowns .

I have no idea why these abilities got this cooldown idea , while for example glaive A and ringo B enter the cooldown directly after using them and the abilities effect still going .


i think it’s to prevent chaining 2 ults in quick succession ? like double Ardan’s gauntlet ?

i’m not entirely sure why they made it like this. but i remember they wanted to prevent people doing the double gauntlet, from way back to patch 2.2 when it was the most popular poop strat in the game.

Anyway, your idea of clicking on the ability that’s on CD could end up as a mis-click and take up too much valuable fight time.
Maybe they could change how CD’s work, so it goes into CD immediately after tapping it. no mistakes.

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How would it be abused anymore then it is now? What OP is suggesting is just making the item more convenient. It doesn’t change the essential of the item making it either stronger or weaker just making the item more practical in it’s use.

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You contradict yourself in one post. You say that OP’s suggestion would cause chain ultimates to be easy and quicker then explain how it would take longer and cause misclicks. Which one is it? I agree with your second point but if you can misclick afterward you can misclick before too, so I personally don’t see much of a difference.

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you’re reading it wrong dude. . .

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Well then explain to me what I read wrong?

notice the question marks. notice past and present tense.

Edit: yeah your question marks doesn’t change anything I read it right.

I thought the double gauntlet thing is dead, the 1st one will disappear when echoed

good thing i never tried it then. Never knew that.

anything else that can’t be echo’ed?

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This would definitely make echo more convenient. I also think echo was set up the way it works to mitigate seemingly OP ability combos, but I also think they should let those combos be. Those combos can only be performed once? So be it. I mean there really shouldn’t be anything wrong with a SAW performing his roadie run either before or after his mad cannon, for example. I can think of a lot of better examples if I really tried but point being it really shouldn’t be an issue either way.

another thought just occured to me:

if you can choose when to click on the ability to echo, then i wonder if that would change how echo calculates the CD multiplication on the current CD or the orginal CD.

Echo - (150% of the ability CD + 10 seconds). In either case, it would be possible to calculate the optimum time to hit the ability to echo.

So an example would be:

use skaarf’s ULT… wait until it’s at 1 second, echo. use his ULT again, and then again at 13 seconds.

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I get it. Then it should caculate the original cooldown. But then I’m thinking SEMC probably wont read this post anyways.

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The amount of times I echoed Bubble instead of ult tho :sweat:

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Ok lets put a theorectical situation up. Let’s say i am using idk baron and use my ult knowing it is easy to dodge by sight and sound then use b and ult spaming my a to keep you going where i want and bam ult again

Or maybe you want to go the gwen route with her ult being stun and her a being constant.

The point is if it doesn’t cooldown the last but any it will ultimately be extremly abused by an ult (or other long time cooldown) every couple of seconds with the abilty to utilize other abilities during the process

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What? What you said made no sense. You can do the same thing with echo now.(at least if I’m interpretating your wierd sentences correctly) I don’t think you know how echo works. What I think you suggested was to use Baron’s ultimate then use your A- abilities to somewhat control your enemies abilities then use your ultimate again through echo which you can do right now with how echo works. You would just press your ultimate use echo, then use your A-ability then ult again. You also have to remember echo removes damage from characters since it takes an item slot and adds no damage so an Echo on Gwen or Baron is straight up shit.

Yes if you press echo after you use ult directly, but not everyone thinks clearly or has the general ability to do that. Which is why a thread like this popped up because someone doesn’t know the trick to using it and wants it to make it more friendly for those who don’t know how to use it

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Yes it should be more user friendly. Being hard to use doesn’t always mean it needs to take skill, echo can just be inconvenient and that’s part of the reason why it’s almost never bought. And there are things like Catherine’s bubble where an ability can just mess up which ability you meant to reset. I think SEMC should implement the ability to decide how you want to use echo, either the tap and reset the last ability used or tap and choose which ability to reset.

But my point still stands that echo wouldn’t be anymore broken then it would be before.

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