Early, mid and late game heroes

I am really concerned on which heroes work best at these stages as it helps me on whether playing more aggressive or passive and not choosing an early game hero when the majority of my matches end late game or mid game.

In VG early game heroes usually dominate. Also I don’t really know for sure how it is in other MOBAs but I see a problem in VG’s heroes (at least for me). Kensei, Baron and to some extent Varya are exceptions. There’s heroes that are strong lategame but that doesn’t mean they’re bad early. There’s nothing quite like old Krul and CP Vox. I don’t know if anyone agrees but for me it was pretty cool that you had to have different comps and different strategies to win your game. Now the closest thing we have is the 3 I mentioned but even they aren’t that good of an example. For example when Baron was meta in 3v3 he was OP lategame but he wasn’t really weak early either. He could snowball at least half of the games he’s in. Varya is probably the weakest mid laner early game but even she’s not that bad. She can bad jungle clear but she can kill the enemy laner. (by the way I love mid lane meta just random thoughts. I don’t want Varya specifically to be changed or anyone actually. This is just how I feel. Might be wrong.) Kensei was the best one in that way. He deserved the nerf don’t get me wrong. But he was really bad early but his late made up for it. Other heroes are either good at all points or don’t spike with items but by snowballing. That wasn’t the case for Kensei.

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Kinetic: Mid-late
Adagio: Early
Alpha: Early-mid
Ardan: Early mid and late
Baptise: Early-mid
Baron: Late
BF: Mid
Cath: Late
Celeste: Mid-late
Churnwalker: Early mid and late
Flicker: Early
Fortress: Mid
Glaive: Mid
Grace: Early-mid
Grumpjaw: Early-mid
Gwen: Mid
Idris: Mid
Joule: Mid
Kensei: Late
Kestrel: Early, mid
Koshka: Early-mid
Krul: Early-mid
Lance: Early
Lorelai: Mid-late
Lyra: Mid-late
Malene: Mid
Ozo: Early-mid
Petal: Early
Phinn: Early, mid and late
Reim: Early-mid
Reza: Mid
Ringo: Mid-late
Rona: Late (tbh her late is not that strong, she has terrible ratios rn)
Sam: Early-mid
SAW: Early
Skaarf: Early, mid and late
Skye: Early, late
Taka: Mid
Tony: Early-mid
Varya: Late
Vox: Late


Thanks, but I am pretty sure I heard people saying Adagio late game is OP. I appreciate it

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Early to mid Adagio can 1v1 any squishy with just a Stormcrown or couple of health item And late game he turns into a healer, but his heal cant be compared to Lyra’s so yea

I would put Vox mid and late as his core items are cheap and only two, once he has PS and BP he can build full defense and buy his last offensive item as last item, meaning he comes online in mid.

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They’re just different. I’d still pick Adagio’s heal mid fight and Lyra’s between fights.

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Frostburn Adagio healing an ally who was midjump diving on an enemy.

Ally gets healed and healing over time and a slow on the enemy trying to escape. All outside of Adagios regular range.

A very very strong item on him…

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I would build Shiversteel instead of FB tho. Not a fan of Adagio but Ive played him once and Id say best build for him is SC Shiver Capacitor Plate Rock’s Decree, Crucible, Clockwork/Pulseweave.

FB gives damage an unconditional slow better heal over time all in 1 item.

FB gives 100 CP which mean he’ll get +30 burst heal and +10 heal per sec * 3 sec so thats +60 total
Shiver gives 650 health so he’ll get +78 burst heal. And it has attack speed so 1v1 squishy will be even better, and you’ll be a bit tankier, which is more important because his purpose rn is being the 2nd support

But that doesn’t account for the more reliable slow and the added damage and scaling for your A B and C.

Shiversteel is decent though.

Nice summary, only one I kinda disagree with is fortress but then I’d only make it Early/Mid depending how your paying him (jungle or roam).

Actually that’s the opposite, Adagio has a strong early game to the point where he can bully saw for instance but he tails off late game. Typically you’ll see people build a hybrid adagio carry, he offers a lot more late game this way (for example I had a 72k heal as a hybrid top lane last time I played him more than mor Lyra roam).

Whether jungle or carry, Fortress’ lv1-2 dmg is not impressive for an early game hero. He spikes at lv6 or when finishing AS

It’s not just about his DMG it’s the DMG he applies via his stacks and the movement bonsuses. Traditionally he has always been an early game snowball hero as a roam, if you don’t snowball he falls off late game where others roams provide more utility. My point being be is an early mid game roam who relies on pressure, if you fail to apply tho he won’t scale well late game.