Early Game Concept Art collected by Broken Myth

Its really and I mean really interesting on what Catherine could have been without her iconic Arcshield :cowboy_hat_face: She also looks more anime-ish?

Ringo really does look like a drunkard in this photo and not in a good way :woozy_face: I guess Lorelai took her hair horn thingy from early Ringo :eyes:

Theres alot more early art on Broken Myth’s Blog Post and it doesn’t disappoint.

On another note, Im surprised I havent seen this already :neutral_face::expressionless:

Cant wait to find the Caine concepts :star_struck:


Also the blog post shows a early concept for Glaive which is quite similar to a minion and also wields a frostburn looking axe :sleepy:

:easter_happy_3: WOW I didn’t realize that dev stream was in November 2015… geez.