(EA) SMEC is recruiting!

Hey there, SMEC is an old guild/community server in the East Asia server that is currently looking for members as well as other English speaking players active in EA that want to find new friends and a community to play with. We closed down a while ago due to inactivity as time passed but wanted to restart the community once again to provide players in this desolate server a half-decent social experience. Vainglory is no fun without other people to play with!

As such we encourage everyone who can speak English on EA to come join our server, whether they wish to actually join the guild or not. Players who smurf in EA or can’t speak fluent English are also welcome.

Guild Highlights:

  • English speaking
  • Both casual and competitive players
  • In-houses (scrims) if we get enough people
  • Friendly accommodative community - no toxicity!
  • Mostly Taiwan/HK based but we welcome friends all over the world :slight_smile:
  • No tier requirements


  • Discord. For the uninitiated, Discord is a social platform used by many gamers for its ease of communication, voice chat and user-friendly interface. It is a requirement to have a Discord account added to the guild server and to actively read updates there. At times , we use Discord to voice chat while playing.
  • Try your best to stay active! One game a week or so is fine.

To join, please download Discord and click the following link: https://discord.gg/MuVaFhf

Our guild/community server is run by people who want to improve and have fun together. Most of all, we hope to build a community that can liven up your experience despite being in such an isolated server!