[DV] Divine is Recruiting!


Established in 2015, Divine is a long-standing guild with the goal to create a supportive and nurturing environment for our members. We are not a fame- or level-oriented guild but we impose a reasonable weekly fame requirement to ensure activeness.

We pride ourselves on being a friendly and inclusive guild. As our guild encompasses players from many regions and a diverse range of skill tiers, it is important that everyone feels relaxed and connected. Our team of officers constantly strive to ensure that every member is accounted for. We are a guild that values honour above all else and we do not tolerate toxic behaviour.


Divine comprises two sub-guilds both of which share the same guild tag [DV] with no discrimination. Guild assignment is based solely on skill tier. Our guild requirements include:

  • Main account only
  • Must have Discord
  • Can communicate well in English
  • Fun, friendly & non-salty
  • 500 guild fame weekly

We offer a well-organised and fun-filled Discord server that acts as a central hub for the guild. We host special guild events from time to time to spice up the guild. We also have a custom Vainglory Discord bot that is arguably the best in terms of features!


We are always on the lookout for active and passionate players. Looking for a place to belong? Visit our Discord now for more details and to apply for membership! https://divine.vg/discord

Note: Membership applications are handled through Discord.