Dune [directed by Denis Villeneuve]

It looks like Denis Villeneuve is going about this the only way possible: by splitting the breathtakingly broad and complex Frank Herbert novel into 2 movies. The stills in the article look great, but of course, there’s little to see other than the actors* and some of the costumes. The changes to the characters sound like positives (updating the story slightly to reflect modern sensibilities) … I hope! Cautiously enthusiastic about this version – definitely holding my breath for its release on Dec 18th, because it’s one of my favorite books of all time!

* including my friend’s son, Oscar Isaac!
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I really enjoyed Frank Herbert’s Dune, from 2000. It’s been so long that I can barely recall any details - but if the new adaptation turns out half as good, I’m on board.

Thanks for posting these news snippets for all sorts of games and movies. 'feels like every time I stop by here, I have a new project to read up on.


Am currently reading this book. Just found out yesterday they’re making it into a movie. And I am stoked. It better be good.

Also Jason Momoa.

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Dune is one of my favorite books and series. One of my ‘dreams’ is for the world of dune to get as big as Star Wars in movies some day. So yeah. This movie is a big frickin’ deal to me.

There were four universes that completely captured my imagination when I was growing up: Tolkien’s Middle-earth, Asimov’s Galactic Empire, McCaffrey’s Pern, and Herbert’s Imperium as described in Dune.

I’m excited and more than a little apprehensive about the movie(s) because I have decades of my own visions of Arrakis in my imagination. Just as with The Lord of the Rings, Herbert’s book is so deep and complex, I’m concerned that no movie could truly do it justice.

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Indeed. It would take a true cohesive vision to actualize all the aspects in the book, and due to the history about the book, I would say that maybe a Middle Eastern director or someone with experience in movies in those types of locations might be a good fit to look at it in terms of creative direction. I always envisioned those shield things as the shield bubble from Smash Bros Melee, sorta lol. Or whatever, your standard drop down projected energy shield. Man the lasgun interactions, the way the visions work, the fight scenes with the knives, everything. Too much to go through in a list: the environment and cities, freemen strongholds, there’s so much to imagine actualized.

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The movie’s release has now been pushed back to October 2021 :confused: … explanations include the obvious (ongoing pandemic limiting cinema audiences) as well as the less obvious, such as Wonder Woman 1984’s new release date setting up a conflict with Dune’s planned end-of-the-year date.

Interesting move by WB … along with ALL of the studio’s 2021 films, Dune will be released in theaters and on HBO Max simultaneously.