Dumb Question, but any tips useful tips or heros to pick to push myself to tier 10 bronze?

In 5v5, I am flexible… I can lane, jungle and support.

But in 5v5 these days, I mainly kept seeing a team with 2 captain. 1 full utility and 1 full distrupt tank. And the players kept choosing wp idris as jungler…

In my experience, I can’t idris well but players who have idris in their team really does a lot of damage and usually a win is on their side.

I am from SEA region but I would like to know how you play or push yourself with your team… in your region…

One trick bot.
I say this as a bot lane main. Please don’t take my role, you’re probably worse than me.

  1. Bot is the only positioned that you are almost guaranteed to crush your lane, and it’s the easiest lane to make a comeback in (Gold Treant xd)
  2. Bot laners are currently very strong in the meta. Kinetic is disgusting. Baron crushes whole teams and Vox is still Vox. Plus, you can flex to melee carries if you want more brawling power, like Kinetic or Idris.
  3. People know this and TRASH PLAYERS gravitate towards bot. You know, the type to say ‘Hey, my teammates always hold me back’ when in reality it’s genuinely their own fault they can’t climb. If you think you’re different, take the role from them.
    If you lose bot lane though, I’m coming for your neck.
    Stop taking my role and going 2/7.
    SoloQ why.

Bottom lane is the easiest among all lane… I prefer top or mid… It’s challenging. If I bot, I usually go wp grace when she was meta but no I rarely pick her unless as captain…

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But you want to solo carry yourself to VG don’t you?

Having an easy lane is the best way to set yourself up for victory.

A good jungler can also carry as hard but it’s a lot more work and is much riskier. As in you farm the enemy jungle all game and have deadly ganks on side lanes.

I fill but top is the absolute last choice for me - usually a 1v2 and sometimes 1v3 and the rest of your team forgets about you. I swear if one more game people ignore “I need help” all the way to the armory, I’m going to LOSE IT.

Maybe that’s why I laughed so hard at your post … :joy:

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The secret to success is being a good bot lane player. Snowball your lane, set the enemy top behind, but don’t stop there - rotate to put pressure on the right places of the map. For example, if your mid is winning and you secure bot turret and you’re near ghostwing, capture it.

I almost always bot, the only times I don’t is when I know there’s a better bot laner on my team (and generally you will know, there aren’t that many players at higher tiers…) Mid is kind of risky, and I’d steer clear of top if I were you. Nothing is as horrible as losing top while your teammates manage to lose bot :slight_smile:


Basically play kenetic kensei vox baron celeste sam master them and then you just apply the basics, focus on farm so don’t miss cs and try to get as much jungle ambient gold as possible. You should always have an eye on the mini map and always remember that gold wins you games don’t just take stupid trades for the sake of it. To get better overall i recommend you watching streamers, i advise you watching L3oN, XenoteK and Hundor

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Well yeah I do…
hmm okay…


I can do well in those heros you mention… I will watch streams then…


oh yeah… what heros do you use for this patch in bot lane?

As I’ve seen Kinetic is the best bot rn, she can bully like Kestrel and scale well like Baron. Her dueling is just sooooooooooooooo stupidly strong she can out dmg melee easily.
Baron comes in 2nd place but you have to play more patiently early

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Abused top cath. Lel no but srsly abuse whats meta rn also know rotation(i think youre suppose to know about your rotation(since youre like t9 idk…))
Also practice being flexible. It’ll really help on those few last step to VG.

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i refuse to use baron… boring hero with boring kit

but shall try kinetic

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i know how to rotate… and yes… i have abuse catherine in top… often help mid too…

But recently, been using cp lyra in top lane. She really clear her waves fast too in lvl 6 once she goes online and she can bully 2 people against her if position well and she sigil does lots of damage too…

Nah, eventually Baron outscales everyone.

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She has free 40% ratio and higher attack speed than Baron, and she has a stun which is always nice

I know, and? That doesn’t mean she is not outscaled by him.


watching streams is the most important part i would say, it helped me get better a lot from being hard stuck hotness/sa to almost getting vg silver.

I never watched streams. I learned how to draft on my own and practice my favourite heros aka Celeste, sam, Lyra, Malene, Lorelai and phinn… and also knowing which hero counters whom… which really helps a lot…

example, their team has lots of dive comp… and I know Lyra B would greatly help my team in late game.

Baron has 30% WP and AOE but very low attack speed compared to Kinetic, its because Baron builds glass canon and Kinetic build SM+BP so you will feel that Baron dmg is higher but Kinetic is more consistent