Dragon's eye vs shatterglass

So. Dragon’s eye just got nerfed a lot. Let’s go through the stats again.

Dragon’s Eye
+85 crystal power
Passive: Gain 12 crystal power each second you damage enemy heroes. After 4s, lose 1 stack per second. 18 stacks max.

+150 crystal power

It takes 6 DE stacks to be on par with SG, 12 stacks to make DE worth more than SG. 12 stacks is A LOT. With defence items getting nerfed and burst damage potentially becoming more important, will SG simply become the better item now?

I think it all depends on the situation. On sustain heroes, DE still will be better, maybe not on others. However, before SG was rarely better

Well personally SG is meant for hero that can range well like Celest. dragons eye was way to powerful with frost burn and wasn’t fair for some like Reim. They have there reasons.

It uses to take 4 seconds for it to better than SG(85+20x4=165), now it takes 6 seconds for it to be better than SG(85+12x6=157).
I still think it’ll be better than SG for most builds but won’t be totally op.

6 secs to be on par with SG, 12 secs to make up for the damage lost from the first 6 secs.

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Ah right.
Maybe assassins would shift to SG/other items but I don’t think bruisers/mages would since its just a 4s difference and the ceil is now higher.

At 6 stacks DE is better and at max stacks DE is 216 CP which is 66 CP higher. You only need 1/3rd of max stacks to outgun SG so no SG isn’t better not by far…

And remember that you have 6 seconds damage loss if you buy DE instead of SG

The damage loss is: 12x(6+5+4+3+2+1) = 252 damage. Not to mention that if you stop attacking you will lose more damage than SG.

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DE still seems to be better for 5v5 since the fights are a lot longer than 3v3

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I disagree, while the fights are somewhat longer, it will take too much time to get the stacks up and then compensate for the damage lost. Damage that can very well decide the battle early on when more live players attack given enemy hero. Instead of bursting him down quick, team with DE will need more time to ramp dmg and that can be very bad vs enemy composition build around SG. The deciding phase of the battle will be over before the stacks can make a difference.

Not like DE is totally worthless, but it sure is less viable that pure CP with SG, i.e. SG is more useful in more situations. Not only quick skirmishes, damage exchange, 1vs1, wave clear, jungle clear, fast phase fights, objective taking, using the barrier from the dragon to max potential, chasing and so on. They nerfed DE too much, tho I agree a little nerf was needed.

I think DE could be picked up later in the game rather than like a second item. From my experience (playing alpha) my early-mid game fights dont last that long, only late game ones. I think it would be better for me if i went AS BM DE in that order instead of AS DE BM now.

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Now do the same math for a 5v5 teamfight to the death… First you start poking before committing. Building a few stacks. A teamfight can last 20 seconds…

It isn’t even a nerf… It is a switched power spike with a much higher cap.

It will take skill to maximize its damage which is exactly what is needed.

And what will you do when the enemy team already commit and blow away your teammates while you are still building stacks and face 1vs3 with 66CP more compared to SG build? My point is, at average-high skill players will exploit pretty good the fact given player is having build around DE. Before it was harder to do so, right now it’s a lot easier to negate the poke and commit early to have an advantage.

DE got buffed actually. It’s ceiling was raised. Whenever they adjust values in this nature, it’s essentially a skill cap adjustment. Those that can and do reach high DE stacks, will see a huge spike in their damage, especially late game. For those that rode scrub mode, get rekt!

In all seriousness you don’t get something for nothing. I am happy with the changes because it further separates the two. If you want SG brute force, then just grab it. If you think you can game your stacks, then pull up your skirt, roll up your sleeves and put in the work to see the benefits of DE.


You start poking before committing, gaining 1 stack, then lose them all, enemy regenerate.
Combat starts, you use your combos, and have 5 stack, but then you got chased and has to run away, you start to lose stacks.
And when you comeback again, you have only 1 stack


You fight in a combat 20 seconds, but having only 12 stacks because you forget that when your skills are on Cooldown, you have to basic attack continously to keep stacking, or it will be staling.
And then, you can’t finish off the running away enemies just because you don’t have enough stacks.

Deal with it, truthfully, not so many times in 3v3 i reach 15 stacks in BP, although basic attacking is much easier. Stacking with DE is much harder.

I can keep poking…with several heroes. Koshka Reim Blackfeather or ranged heroes with constant damage who can keep poking before engaging.

Don’t project your own failure to keep DE stacks up on others…

Oh its max cp got increased? Thats good then. Might have to do some recalculations for the amount of stacks because i thought the max cp was the same.

216 cp is now the cap. 66more than SG… At 5 stacks you are only 5 cp under SG. DE as second item is still worth it.

You don’t get my point.

Let’s take an example: 2 team pokes each other and you use BF to poke. Now if we decide that your B is 6 seconds cooldown, and you do poking beforehand, then if you hit all of B in enemy’s face, you will first gain 1 stack of DE, then after 4 secs, you lose it, and then you got 1 stack again. And if you join the fight, you will start at… 0 stack DE.

Now let’s talk about ranged heroes. Let’s Gwen be our representative. We buy a Clockwork for her so that her A’s CD will be 4s, nice! She shoots A, got 1 stack of DE, but then, because the slow has been removed, she has to move away, not basic attacking any heroes because if she does that, she would be killed. Therefore, after 4s, the stack…drops to 0.

Now the same will be applied to other heroes like Skaarf, if you only fire your A and use B only for protect yourself, you will have to wait 3 secs between each firing. So after 4s, you have… 2 stacks.

Now, with the CP nerfed each stack… Good luck stacking it!