Draft for all in 5v5!



Can finally get beter matchups in lower tiers. Only problem is that new players will not have a lot of heroes. Might lead to more dodging, but its better than blind pick for sure.


Sweet. I’m guessing the minimum heroes required for 5v5 ranked to be 14. Even without double bans, thats 10 heroes, 2 bans, and your last hero choice should be a choice - not the last hero available. Making a total of 13 but some people are superstitious about 13 and would make it 14 instead.

I somehow don’t think they are going to make ranked unlock at a higher level like League :frowning:

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Based on the picture of the draft in the notes, it’s looking like double ban. We’ll have to wait for the update video thing they’re promising to be sure.

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Dodging eventually leads to LPQ which is banned from ranking going forward. I think this is going to change behavior and attitudes drastically in ranked queues.

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It might change the attitudes of Ranked Ques, but it won’t change other issues unfortunately. People will still give up ingame pretty easily. At least the LPQ banned from ranked cleans it up slightly. Assuming people bother downvoting the trolls…

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I honestly hope it isn’t that high. Unless they brought draft to blitz and 3v3 mode.

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Officially image


I sure hope so
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Finally. There was no legit reason for SEMC to restrict draft from T4-T6 which makes up the largest group of their player base. All it did was justify complaints of “Elo Hell” for solo queue and limit player experience.


Ive been waiting for semc to add this again since they removed it in 2016. Matches are going to be so much better since we can counter pick. It also involves a bit more strategy regarding what heroes to ban, who to pick etc.

That kinda sucks guess it’ll be limited to level 10 payers and way beyond for those who can’t afford to pay money for characters and skins

Build glory, through grinding and buy em that way… That’s what I did with an exception of the most recent three heroes.

Sadly I don’t have as much time as I want to grind anymore. Honestly though I only picked up vg because my laptops hard drive finally gave out and I’m not ready to spend money to buy my dream pc

getting the glory is quite easy, as well as the rank.

its also very likely that they will take the same steps as they did with 3v3 draft. they gave away a free hero, made some others really cheap and started to give new players free heroes. (you already get 5+ free heroes at the start of your account now).

in the end, the time to get to level 10 is the biggest barrier to rank for anyone who cant play that much, but in that case i would rather stay away from ranked. they will take you down a tier with each season and that is really, really frustrating if it took you 2 months just to get your rank back.
and if you cant play that much, you wont be that good and you will always be a bit behind on all new meta trends, making it even more frustrating as you will get pinged and trolled by your teammates for not doing what they expect you to do.

I pick up things fast and keep myself informed I just only have time for 1 or 2 games a day sometimes more if lucky. Hell at work when I got nothing to do I usually do research ATM it’s split between vg and dota2

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How many heroes do you have? If you just log in during the event days you will pick up 1064 glory. Daily login for 2-3 free chests should average 60/day in glory over 30 days is 1800. That is close to 3k glory this month without playing a match. I would not be surprised is SEMC put out a deal helping players get to 14.

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Currently I’m at 11 and level 12

At 1-2 games a day you should easily hit 8k glory this month with the event. Plus you have new sunlight chests and glory coming from level ups. You bet you have 3 more heroes in less 60 days. See you in ranked soon.

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I hear ya there. Not a ton of time, and my kids use our console, tablets or old computers… And I mean old. Lol. At least i don’t have to share that, or update it all the time.