Draft chat bug

Draft chat in most cases doesn’t work, you cant see what others type and others cant see what you type drafting in solo q is an absolute nightmare all you can communicate is bans suggestions.

Ugh. The chat system in VG is pathetic, tbh. Back when I was working with the API, every time I raised the issue, the answer always seemed to be some variant of “we know it’s broken, but it’s not a priority right now.”

It seems it’s still not high on the list.

idk its a first to me it always worked

The normal in-game chat (not the one in the lobby, but the one that’s there when you’re in a party) has almost never worked properly for me.

I haven’t really played since they instituted chat in draft, so I don’t have any direct experience with it.

Yes party chat and messaging friends is hella buggy but draft chat or loby chat whatever you wanna call it always worked fine. Anw i emailed the support team lets hope they can fix it asap