Double AFK no forgiveness

I played a game this morning as a duo. My ally afks and comes back then someone else afks for the duration of the match. I didn’t receive forgiveness.
Defriended the guy of course…

What gives?

I don’t believe parties get AFK forgiveness. It is so the system can’t be abused.

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That I understand when a party member afks…
But a non party member afked too…

Still though your friend afkd so i guess it counts. Let me tell you of the time my guild leader AFKD cause one of our guild mate was a skye and supposedly he was good. Anyways the tard left and even if we could of won he said there is no possibility. I then went to discord and confronted him, he then banned me for getting mad that he costed my rank. Thinking about it already makes me salty


Basically, if you’re duo qing, and your friend afks, the third gets forgiveness but not you, since you were in the party. He also afk’d I guess got override by the party rule.