Don't be rude k?

Played a total of 3 ranked matches last night and went 1-2 (wins-losses). The first match I got Kensei (who’s basically an insta GG when I play him usually in duo q) but this time I was solo. I would point out a name here because he is an amateur pro who has played in the VPL already and has played competitively in the past.

The second match even though I was being contested in my jungle by 3 people while everyone else in my team was in top for no reason (didn’t even take turret) but we won anyways because when I came online I CAME ONLINE.

The third match it was a fair game and although I wish my allies would have drafted better, like no Churn top and something that can actually peel lol, it was fair enough. 16/9/10 Baron.

Now onto the first match. The guy decided to say “I can’t cap” even though he is a VG silver player who boosted himself all the way up there and decided to soloQ. I’ve already beat him in multiple occasions and my other allies were just “ok” from past experiences so I had my expectations way up there for our dear amateur pro. He proceeded to talk about how he was gonna troll if he didn’t get a different role. And then someone stepped up and was like “k have mid.” And then 5 minutes in the guy who gave the role (he’s an ok mid player) died and the amateur pro died twice. SAM VERSE CELESTE TOO LOL. The best part is that it didn’t really matter because I was rocking them but it felt like a 3v5 the entire time because the guy that decided to sub in as captain didn’t know how to Cruci and I would pick up a reflex block but i need 4 damage items since our amateur VG silver pro player can’t land a single shot, nor can he position his DD in the right place. We also fought in the enemy red buff area SO IT’S LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO MISS SAM’S M&V. But k I lose to my own teammates (the enemy team had some friends) all because my Sam thinks he’s the best.

And that’s the problem with NA pros. They aren’t good. I’m only VG bronze too and yeah sure I soloq which is basically gambling but that doesn’t matter because I’m VG bronze and not really a good player.

Only with NA pros? Very few teams in all regions are actually good.

Don’t really know where I was going with the post but it was kinda disappointing to see the future of NA VG being like this. He had last pick too and the rules of SoloQ is basically if your last you fill unless well someone is kind enough to give you the role because he can play the one you fill. He sort of just forced it with his language and such and tbh I feel like the guy who decided to play captain should have just let him troll and then got him banned. But I’ve beat most of the pros that I meet but some of them required some SoloQ teamwork while others were easy to dominate in lane because they weren’t that good.

Same, when watching the EU scene, if i can call It scene, its like ‘hey, ive beaten that guy a few times! An that other guy too.’ i feel like they arent really pros. IMO, the pros are: NA tribe and nova (where is the old TSM roster?); EU Qlash, Queso… Two more teams? (Sandiha knows them); EA ACE and ROX; SEA idk what teams there are rn (where can i see their VPL?), but Impunity?; CN whatever… SA… Idk.

old TSM roster went back to their previous team, vision gaming? and Chuck and Joseph are trolling in ranked (CP SAW JG) well chuck is actually sweaty in ranked…

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well i expected someone else but from checking your matches , mmmmmm
i honestly dont know him well but i read his twitch channel info before and it was sad
i think it says (i lost my parents few years ago and living in my aunt garage) , i have no idea about his current condition but maybe the competitive scene effected him or something , ive seen him in others streams and he was chilling , i dont know if he has any troll or toxic history in vg.

Tier 4 is where the real NA menaces are :triumph::triumph::triumph: VG Silver is overrated af

who knows we were with “randoms” so could just be the VG silver superiority coming through but still if you’re gonna boast like that then you have to have something backing you up lol

Most of the pro players are bad in soloq , because soloq is different
Like I remember watching hundor in soloq but that was before 5v5 , he was playing 3v3 soloq and constantly dying and he lost the match ,he played like his pro roam (keano) next to him or something , he was expecting to be saved by his teammates or they back him up any time , he was just dying .

Probably the same for your vg silver teammate , he used to trio q a lot from what I saw in the streams , maybe soloq not good for him .

People who can’t perform in soloque suck… I don’t care what your rank is, if you can’t hold your own in soloque you are mediocre at best…

pros supposed to have chemistry with his team therefore they train together. bad at soloq doesn’t mean he is not pro.

in other case, a good soloq player not a guarantee that he can be a pro. eapecially if he’s too intoxicated with soloq style and forget to link with his teammate.


What bullshit is that? A good player will read the people around him…

A pro who refuses to read his allies is bad…

A soloque player that can read his allies and adapt to their way of playing is superior in game…

Those players who suck at soloque are just boosted one tricks who can’t survive without coms…

A good player will hold his own no matter what, if pros can’t do that then I don’t consider them good at all…

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Define “NA Pros” because there is literally not a single pro left in the server in my opinion. A pro would be someone who plays vg at least 4 to 6 hours a day (ranked games) and participates in least 1 scrim every 1 or 2 days and i don’t think there is a single NA player that matches those requirements. Being part of a team and participating in tournement doesn’t qualify you as a “pro”.

Nah thats rubbish, all pros of every moba play solo q to practice the only time they would play with their teammates is in scrims. Solo q helps you improve mechanics and practice basic rotations and tactics of the game, whether you’re with a coordinated team or not the basics remain the basics and your mechanics shouldn’t change. The pros that can’t solo q were never good in the first place but their teammate’s performance overshadows their incapabilities.

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The amateur pros scrim literally everyday. The turtles are my favorite team behind my own “team.” They practice together in ranked and with Polar ACE and other people. Pros like gabevizzle stream from time to time but they really did lose their passion for the game it seems, but he also scrims like a couple of days before their VPL match. We’re running out of em but we still have em on the server.

If he can’t hold his own on a game where our side is winning: he’s bad. I was ripping apart everyone but literally just needed him to hit a couple of skillshots to kill them. It didn’t help how the captains didn’t peel for me either as the Ardan kept on Vanguarding everyone but me. And pro players should be able to sync up with anyone that knows how to do rotations because they themselves should be good at rotations. He’s an amateur and always been so I guess that makes up for it?

in my opinion being a pro team player is different than being a good soloq player
like the only players ive seen them play like a soloq player in the pro scene were hardek and starting all over , hardek when he was in NRG cost his team a game because he insisted on killing enemy over taking kraken i still remember that game because he looked like the bad soloq player you see in the game .

starting all over was doing his things and forcing fights , but once he played like a team player he made matches good and unpredictable , soloq mentality vs pro mentality .

like once chuck was playing with micshe duoq 5v5 when the matchmaking was broken , they both couldnt carry their team to victory even with enemy all mid tiers , their teammates were bad but still they both pro players against mid tiers.

Dude in soloQ you need to be coordinated to an extent as well. You can’t just wins 4v5s because your ahead by 6 kills. The game is won only by the more coordinated team and that is why parties always have an inherent advantage. I’m able to hypercarry in bot lane so easily if my jg knows what he is doing and listens to my pings. I’m honestly excited to try Silvernail because his tripwires seem to be like having extra teammates but you can control them.

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yeah this is toxic , playing against op hero in soloq and bottom lane too
imagine that player also in trioq , mmmm rip

my point is, being good is not enough. you must have chemistry to be able to play in pro level.

just like soccer. a good player can flop in wrong club. if you follow soccer you will know this. a flop player can be a fantastic player in other team. and vice versa.
pro is about chemistry with your team.