Don't assume that you lost the game and then troll


Today I meet a troller, she wanted to go WP Carry but because I was the first one to pick, I instalocked WP Carry Gwen. However, she raged about that and locked in Alpha. At first, I thought she would go CP but right from the start, she build WP and walked directly to lane. I have to build CP and go to jungle. Knowing CP Gwen is so fcked up right now, I decided to lay low, not trying to kill anyone and rotated whenever Alpha wanted to recall.

Then, after the first item: Spellfire, we start to engage. My only job is just trying to poke them at 3 as much as possible, especially enemy Blackfeather ( cuz he is the weakest). After that, when Alpha dived in, BF only had about 50% HP and died, the only thing we just need to do next was killing Ardan then Reim.

Feeling we might have a chance to win this, I decided to go full glass canon and bought Halcyon Boots, Clockworks, Dragon’s Eye, Broken Myth. The last item I would like to build is Shatterglass, but we won before that since BF and Reim’s main target always Alpha (not chasing me :wink:) which allowed me to stack Dragon’s Eye and shot them all down.

In the conclusion, yeah, I met a troll, but with cooperation, especially with good Grace as captain, we have turned the tides and won.

This is VainSocial

Complete Stats

My stupid build!


To be fair I’m cool if people stole my role even though I clearly emphasized that I could do it.

Can’t say the same when I start getting spam pinged when I’m properly doing my reassigned job though (perhaps sometimes 50% of it may be my fault like accidental treant steal when I was just trying help, while the other 50% is just god knows why).

Edit : On topic, cheers to your victory. Not every dim-litted beginning leads to a catastrophic end, after all.

I still can’t stand being spam-pinged though.


I mean, just because she went wp didn’t make her a troll.
She didn’t go full boots or didn’t constantly feed by turret diving and played well herself tbh…
Also idk if SF is good as a first item, but idk m like t5 lol

Tho the build I would go for is SG CW DE/SG BM


Me either, at first, Alpha spammed ping us a lot, using Green Focus and Smiley Face like what she wanted to say is: ‘thats your fault, muiahahahaha’. But after I got first blood, she stopped doing that, what a luck!

She stole role, not helping me (as jungler) got the first 3 jungle camps, not participate in any combat in jungle in early game, and because we are in T9 so…



SMEC should make it harder to instalock, by making a “grace time” where you can softlock and choose hero/position, but you can’t lock in. That would (hopefully) make solo queue drafting easier and making a good team comp less “argue-ey.”

Just an idea, though…


Alpha isnt troller. She used wp very well on the lane. With her tankiness she successfuly controlled the lane i think. Nothing wrong with her items.