Does mirroring the map help improve the gameplay

Does it? I feel like its not. Because the top or the other top(rightside) is disadvantageous to the both the bot lane because they can get bullied easily with the wp orb on their side. Especially early game. At least thats how i see it.

What are the pros of mirroring the map what are the cons?

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Top feels so good to play when you’re out playing the opponent with rotations. Leave a ward on your healing camp and then go to lane. Once there your opponents will shove hard so you just wait at turret, farm whats left and if the enemies are taking your healing treant and rotating down to CP then you walk into their WP and take everything in that jungle. That is probably the reason why I like WP Top more so than CP top which is actually the most hardest role to play probably in the entire game.
By CP top i mean melee CP which you often have to play because you need to tank up and when that happens you are last pick sadly so barely any choices. It’s fun for me but not for everyone else and it becomes even less fun for everyone including me when you are out trading the jungler and laner/protecting turret very well from jungler and laner and your team is literally doing nothing.
I had a game recently against a “pro” player but like my team did nothing and the captain ended up staying mid the entire team. Like do I really need to fking ping to come to top lane when you can see two ppl at top. I ended up feeding bc Grace vs melee laner is just terrible.

Now for the pros:
-if you strategically push wave then you have control over the jungle shop and since you are the only one able to buy items you can relentlessly harass your opponent when they attempt to walk close to shop
Now for the cons:
-ofc that only happens in a 1v1 situation which almost never occurs in the top lane, so you end up being potatoe and blamed for not hard carrying as a player named lolyouactuallyopenedthis says “wheres your skill at” as they make 0 rotations to the top lane

Got to agree that the roam needs to understand that they should be rotating to top regaurly to help. If nothing else to guard the lane when you port back home. I mean nothing more annoying than seeing of a siege by 2 players, push your wave and port back only to find they’ve come back and taken your turret.

It’s a thankless lane to play and for the love of me I can’t understand what to make of a roam who rotated to the bottom lane rather than the top.

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Yeah rotating to bot to 3v1 while top is getting smashed by constant 2v1 pressure… I see that so much ugh…

As a roamer, I usually stay with mid. Jungler helps top and I assist the bot lane and mid too. Then jungler will farm bot lane side and then I will assist top and mid.

Mirroring the map is literally the worst decision ever made in all of moba history

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Yes as a top main i hate this. Amd whats worse instead of them beating the bot they die because they think 3v1 is great they try to dive then die. While me, constantly keeping an eye on my healing camp while procteting top 1v2 and still keeping up with 2 of them.

Then when i die they blame me because i didnt get
A N Y help. This is maddening. :crazy_face:

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I also feel like it dunno why??

Why would you help bottom lane, and why would your jungler help top? Junglers should be starting at the bottom to rotate Dow into their jungle with not laner.

I find this frustrating as top lane main, your basically up against it from the beginning as you’ll be getting 2v1, you’ll be behind in gold and experience.

You’ve no idea how much top appreciates a rotation by their roam to help relieve some of the pressure. Equally you’ve no idea how frustrating it is to see your roam attempting to 3v1 bottom lane.

Suggest you play some top lane, you’ll appreciate why they need the additional support more.

I’ll sometimes spam ping “I need help” but it’s simply ignored by my roam and jungler 9 times out of 10.

Same ppl who’ll friend request afterwards to say why didn’t you win the lane etc.

I’d be less salty if this was low ranked but these are tier 9/10 players.

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I second this comment.
A simple rotation already helps a lot but nOoOOo…they rotate bot instead amd now your stuck in top with low health and 2 enemies who just took your healing camp…

I thought reaching t9 i would get to play with the most experienced teammates and evrymatch is a well fought match win or lose. But what i got was a stressful unending loop of toxic teammates. Hence im done with rank. (Atleast for this season) im glad i reached POA. :vgcheersx3:

Not very on-topic but at least in my opinion poa is the most toxic rank in this game.

It’s all about rotating. If your jungler is at bot. Captain goes top to help. Then the jungler goes to top to push. I go to bottom lane.

I mean it’s important to rotate lol…

Yeah a lot of toxicity, thing is I’ll bematches with VG players and they’re not much better. Instant people become VG they automatically consider themselves better than anyone in POA despite being desperate by less than 100 elo.

Most of them don’t even play ranked, they do just enough to not degrade!

cause it killed the sidelanes meta